Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ring Dance

I have a dress......

I got the first one that I tried on....

But it was just the perfect dress for me!!!

Everybody at the store stopped, and told me how beautiful I looked!!

I feel so happy!!! You can see the pictures in my Photobucket :D

Monday, February 16, 2009


Hey everyone!!

I just want to let you know, Mom and Dad, that on Wedneday I'll be late from school. I have a meeting with my math teacher. I really have to go because I don;t understand really well what we're doing and the test is next week. Will you be awake at about 11 (in Spain)?? Here it'll be around 5, maybe I'll be able to be at home a little before.

Well, I just wanted to tell you that.

Today I started painting a composition in art with chalk pastels. I looove them, maybe next month I'll buy myself some!! <33>

By the way, tomorrow we have the next payment for the New York trip!! Mom has already given me a check and everything... the sooner we talk about it the sooner it happens!! haha

Well, That's everything!! I love you!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

1st Day, 2nd Semester


That's all I can say so far. Why?? Well...

Let's begin with History... The class was actually quite interesting (we're getting to the 2nd period of the Industrial Revolution, and the birth of Socialism and Comunism and stuff). But the best part was at the end, when I saw my exam grade.... Hehehe I got a 99!! :D That means, this semester I have an A (yeaaaah!!)

Then things just kept on getting better... In Math I had a 108 in the exam (I looove extra credit, it makes my life better) and I'm now the best of the class!! Next day I'll bring my camera and I'll take a little picture of the board :D Mrs Edwards also took a picture of me with a yoda poster she has. She does that with the numer 1 and the number 2 of the class.... it was so funny!!

Then in Art, we're getting to still lives, which are cool. I'm considering working in a museum or something (imagine becoming the director of El Prado hohoho :P)

And finally in Chemistry... I got a 109 in the exam, and a 100 for the semester!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I was soooo happy!!! Then we got to play with the little balls and stick model that form molecules, and I tried to make glucose. I wasn't very succesful, but the teacher helped me, so then it came out ok.

Ahora, para que me entendais bien voy a contaroslo en espa;ol. Ayer al final no pude pedir la spulseras. Resulta qu eteniais razon, no se pueden pedir por internet (yo habria jurado que vi un carrito de la compra de esos). Karen y yo miramos la stiendas y ya sabemos donde hay una, asi que en cuanto podamos vamos a ir.

Por cierto, como estaba con el gmail para ver las fotos de la spulseras qu eme mandaste, mama, tambien vi tu ultimo email (bueno, bueno que mala soy :P). Con lo de la abuela he visto dos abalorios para la pulsera que me gustan mucho!!

Y os cuento el problemilla. Mama, tu en las pulseras que me mandaste tienes unos separadores (spacers se llaman aqui). No se si lo que en realidad quieres son los clips para que los abalorios no se muevan?? Los clips son 10 dolares mas cada uno. Los separadores no hacen nada, solamente separan abalorios (obvio :P), pero siguen sueltos en la cadena, no se quedan sujetos.

En total, tu pulsera con los clips (que e slo que creo que quieres) es 145 dolares (110 euros). Con los separadores es 125 (97 euros).

Mi pulsera, con los clips (que es lo que prefiero), es 195 dolares (151 euros, a lo que le restas 70 de los abuelos).

Para que veas a lo que me refiero he puesto unas fotos en el photobucket, en el album "pulseras". Y asi de paso ves como se ha quedado la mia :P

Bueno, espero que veais esto prontito y me resolvais la duda, que cuanto antes lo sepa antes podremos ir!!

Un besazo!