Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey day!!

I should have written yesterday, but I didn't touch the computer in the whole day!! (I did a lot of different things, though)

So basically I'm going to talk about Thanksgiving. Everybody was here, which made it great!

Mom cooked for the whole week. Everyday she was fixing something different, so that she wouldn't have to cook for the whole day on Thanksgiving. The only thing that was cooked on the same day was the turkey itself. And the dressing :P

We had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn pudding, onion with bechamel (I didn't eat many of those >:P) and turkey, of course!!

There were also different kinds of bread, wich were sweet. If I had to translate it, I would say they were "bizcochos", rather than "pan". There were orange, pumpkin and cranberry breads... Pumpkin and orange breads were delicious!!! And how could I forget the cranberry sauce?? Tart and sweet at the same time... yum!!

For dessert we had pumpkin pie and a true american apple pie, which was finger-liking good!! :D

In conclusion, there was a lot of food. And good food!! :D

After dinner we played a card game that Elsa brought. I already knew it, in Spain we call it "cops and robbers". We all played and it was a very fun game!!

One thing that caught my attention is that here for every different card game, they have different decks, and you buy them separately. In Spain we are clever, because for every game we use the same good old deck :P

And that's all!! We didn't take many pictures... I'm sorry!! We were doing a lot of other things, so we didn't really have time to be taking pictures :( However I took pictures of the food :P

I'll write emails to you tomorrow!! Lots of love!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3rd Month

I really can't believe it's already been 3 months since I'm here... It feels as if I had spent here many years and at the same time as I had spent only a couple of days.

The first event I'm going to mention is the election. The first African American president in history was elected, so I can say I've lived a historical moment!! (whoohoo!!) However, whether he's going to be a good president or not, we shall decide after a couple of months (and specially when he becomes the true president in January).

I think a lot changed this month. What I mean, things changed a lot inside myself. I think the fact that I'm getting enough sleep is significant (Thanks to Timmy, my onion!! :D). That has made me a lot calmer and I enjoy myself a lot more in general.

At school we received our first report card, and I was very proud, because I got an honor roll! It was also a weird month because except for last week we had at least one day off every week!!

We performed in our first play (and hopefully no tthe last, but I'm not sure if there are going to be more), and I can say it was a success. We met a lot of nice poeple in our rehearsals and even though we had to stay some days until 9, it was worthwhile.

I think it was a very interesting month, and maybe it's because we had so many holidays it went by so fast!! Anyway, I enjoyed it ;D

Today and yesterday I stayed after school to work on my ceiling tile. I drawing Princces Margarita, from Las Meninas. I think for being my first big artwork, it's coming out pretty well!! When it's finished I promise I'll take pictures. I'm very excited about it because it's something that's going to stay at school until the ceiling falls down, and I believe that won't happen in a long time. :D

I also excited about Thanksgiving, which is this Thusday. Tomorrow we have school until 11.25 and then on Thursday and Friday we don't have school. That's sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!! :D

Lots of love everybody, and take care!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Paella that couldn't be

I'm sorry to comunicate that the paella... I didn't even make it!!

In the end we were ordering our yearbooks and also doing some homework and it got so late that we didn't have time to fix it. I guess I'll do it this weekend instead, but I'm no sure because on Saturday we are going to Matthew's house because it's his birthday!! (cool!)

Anyway, I'm happy I'm still alive, however this might be my last week :P And on one hand I'd like that, because next week is going to be horrible!!

The play opens next Thursday,so we have rehearsals almost everyday (even on Saturday, from 9.30am till 4pm :O), and next week it's not going to be until 5 as we're used to (that wouldn't be that bad) but it's until 9!!! that is from 2.30 that school finishes until 9pm!!! :O I'm a bit angry because the teacher never paid any attention and now she's stressed and we have to stay for that long >:( (and if at least we had something to do!! but being extras the only thing we can do is take a book with us and wait :P)

Also next Monday there's another National Art Honor Society meeting, and I'm definitely going!! We have to paint a famous artwork in a ceiling tile, and I think I'm going ot do the Meninas. It's one of the most famous Spanish paintings, and I like it better than the Guernica ;D I saw the pictures of Sorolla, and I like them, but I think Velazquez is more famous.

By the way, I asked about the notebook computer. They told me that it's be better if I waited to be there because of the warranty. However, there are good prices now, you can get a normal one for around $300-400. Anyway, I don't really think i want it now, I'd rather if you saved the money :S

I'm glad they have received the letter already!! that was pretty soon, only a week ;D I haven't sent anything to Carlota yet, because I'm waiting to go to the beach and get some postcards. But don't worry, I don't forget about it!!

That's all folks!! I love you I love you!!


P.S. I uploaded the pictures of me dressed up as a monster :P

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I know you all have been hearing abou the US election these past weeks. I guess you are as tired of it as I am. But don't worry, my friends, because finally everything's over!

I wanted to take side in this election, but found it tremendously difficult. Politicians here never talk about what they are going to do, or I've never heard them talk about it. However, they keep criticising each other's plans (even though people are not sure what their plans are!!). That's the reason why I can't express my opinion on this topic: simply because I'm not informed enough. Obama seemed to me the same as McCain, but 20 years younger and black. I didn't like any of them, as well as I didn't dislike them.

I am just afraid that he is one of those with "not a bad word nor a good deed". The problem with the candidates that promise too many good and beautiful things is that often times it just can't be possible. As I said, only time will reveal.

I like to see this as a historic moment. This is going to be the first black president of the United States (well, his half white half black, but anyway...). In 100 years kids like me will study this event. I can't but think how lucky I am to be here and live it by myself!!!

I'll try to keep more informed from now on. Everybody is thrilled that Obama won because they all say he is going to fix everything... I truly hope that my skepticism is unfounded. Something that really caught my eye is how into it teenagers are. i mean, they have strong opinions! :O I think (and hope) that they reached them by themselves, not because their parents told them that!!

Uncle Victor, thank you for writing me!! it was really nice to hear from you, really!! And dad... I'm sorry, I don't know that I would understand half of the words in that "carabanchel" slang even though I lived there and my Spanish were 100% perfect :P (however, I get the message ;D). And Mom, it's just normal not to know what to feel. I feel the same way, I don't know if this is right or wrong. Since we don't live in the country (well I do, but I didn't get anything) we can't see how they really are adn therefore our opinions will always be incomplete. Wow :P

Aaanyway, next time I write will be on Friday. I hope I'll have good news ;D (Progress Reports!!!)

I love you!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hello again everybody! :D

This Friday (yesterday xD) was Halloween!! Unlike you, we had to go to school. However we don't have school on Monday and Tuesday!!! (I think it's because of the election)

In Geography some kids gave me candy, which was really nice of them! Then in English, my Math teacher came in dressed up as Yoda :p (she's a Star Wars freak!). She was really funny!! Apparently she had a free block, so she spent it going from class to class and scaring us. Actually she scared me, because we saw the door opening and all of a suden I see this...creature xD(you know, Yoda could not be described as a good looking fellow :D).

In Biology the teacher was dressed up as Marie Curie. It was funny because she spoke with this Frenchaccent all the class :P. In Public Speaking I gave my speech... and I think I did it really well! My teacher said she liked it, so I expect a good grade :P As I said, if it were in Spanish it would not be a problem for me, but being in English I'm never sure if I do it correctly or not.

And finally the funnest part of the day... the evening!! Rose dress up as a witch, I was a monster, and we gave candy to the children. I also tried to scare some of them, and some of the kids did get scared! (although one kid hit me :O)

Then we went trick or treating in the neighborhood, and by doing that we broke the law... YES!! I'm a criminal!! If someone finds out we can go to jail, so be quiet!! hahaha Only kids under 12 can trick or treat. If you're older you can be put to jail. Sounds extreme, right??

Today we are going to change the hour. I don't know why they do it on a different date here. Who knows!!

Mom, it's nice that you write in French because I'm forgetting all of it!!! :O I looked at the picture, and it was really nice to see everyone! Dad, they were few and cowards, you were right!! :P

Girls, thank you for writing me, even if it's only a few lines ;)

See you all!! have a nice day...or night... or whatever!