Monday, December 15, 2008

Now we're throwing shoes at people!

Muntadar al-Zaidi. That name should be known all around the world at this moment. The reason?? He is the journalist that threw both his shoes at President Bush yesterday at a conference.

Officers at the TV station he works on say he should be freed because he was exercising freedom of expression.

I don't know how education is in Irak, but as far as I'm concerned, you might disagree with somebod, and yes, you have the freedom to say so. But from expressing an opinion to attempting to hurt somebody there's a biiig difference.

We still wonder why there's no peace in the world?? If people don't learn to solve conflicts and/or disagreements peacefully, that will never work. Imagine if every time I had an argument with anybody I took my shoes off and started throwing them to people??

On the other side of the coin other people as Mom think that he was right to do it. The US invaded Irak and some people are desperat eright now.

That is true, I have not a doubt about it, but should a new conflict start again when everything seems to be about to end? In a couple of years troops will be leaving Irak.

Anyway, everyone can have their own opinions. Just as a little gift I'll leave you the link to the video. It's kind of funny to watch Bush trying to dodge the shoe!! :P

P.S. I received the other package today!! I saw all the presents, however I only opened the little jacket!!(I wanted to save something for Christmas day ;D) I looooove it! Tomorrow I'm goin got wear it. Everybody liked the sweets, but we are going to save them for Christmas, when everybody is here :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas tree

Last Saturday I'm in the dining room working on my scrapbook. Rose is doing some homework, and Joey is sitting with me and drawing some christmas cards. Mom and UBie were 'Christmas shopping', so there was nobody else at home. All of a sudden the telephone rings. Joey answers it and it's them (Mom and UBie). We had to be ready in 8 minutes (wow :P) because we were going to.... get the Christmas Tree!!!

So I go running to my room, get my coat, put on my socks and grab my camera. Everything is perfect, and in 2 minutes I'm ready. SO I had to wait another 6 minutes :P

Rose and I jumped into the car and we went to the tree place (Joey preferred to stay to work on the christmas cards, he says he's been there too many times and he already knows it). At first I was disappointed because I expected to cut down a tree from the forest. Yes, that was what I imagined, but Mom and UBie told me that that's actually illegal. You can go to a private farm and do that, but the tree will cost $200 :S

Nut anyway, disappoinment aside, it was a very pleasant experience. In my opinion, trees were rather cheap (the most expensive ones, like the one we bought, were $32), and it is always nice to have a real tree for Christmas rather than a fake one if you have room for it.

As far as I'm concerned, most people, even today, buy true Christmas trees, and decorating it is one of the big family events of Christmas. Some people will even paint their own ornaments. I find it a very nice tradition.

Another thing I find interesting is that here people buy presents for everybody. Even for ex husbands or family you don't see at all. At first I thought it was only this family, but then at school I hear the other students talking about how many presents left they have to buy, and the funny thing is that they buy them with their own money!! That'll be another post, how so many teenagers here work. ;D

Also instead of sending Christmas cards, a popular thing is to have a picture taken of the whole family and send it to your friends/neighbours, etc. My family doesn't do that, but they've received many of those cards so far.

That's all I can tell so far! I guess there's still so much for me to learn about american traditions, and so much I won't be able to learn in the short period of a year. I hope you find this interesting!!

By the way tomorrow I'll publish another post. I made a paella on Sunday instead of going to the cinema. DOn't be afraid, it was very good actually, and as you can see I'm alive still!!

The pictures are in my photobucket, both of the christmas tree and of the paella ;D

IMPORTANTE!! Deciros que tengo jamon, chorico, salchichon y lomo. No se como, pero hemos burlado a las autoridades americanas xDD En los DVDs podiais haberme metido algo, y las carpetas en realidad me van a ser utiles porque necesitaba algunas, asi que ya no me las tengo que comprar. ESpero que el paquete no tarde mucho!!! Escribo todo esto en espa;ol porqu eno tengo ni idea de como se dice jamon, chorizo, lomo y salchichon en cualquier otro idioma sin estropearlo... jejeje!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meditation Speech

Hello everyone!!!

First, I'd like to let you know that my speech was a success!!! Actually, I got a 100!! :D My teacher liked it very much, and even though I was feeling super nervous inside, everybody said it didn't show.

I have some bad news, though :P I didn't make it for the play!! (ohhhh) But don't worry, because I already knew that. This play is a single act, so there's only 4 characters, and no extras at all. However I had a good time auditioning. We had to do a little improvisation, and I had to act like a customer in a coffee shop, then a boy was the employee. It was funny hehehe!

Today was a fun day. I woke up with full energy, so I was like hyperactive or something. I was feeling happy and confident all day long. In Geography I had a test, which I know I did well on. In English we had a surprise quiz (whoohoo... get the sarcasm??), however I know I did well because the Romanticism is one of my favourite literary movements.

Then Biology was actually fun!! We got to use the microscope and saw and drew cork cells, onion cells and even cheek cells. Yes, cheek!! I had to put a toothpick in my mouth and I saw my own little cells... They were so cute with their little nuclei!! :D

Then, of course, Public Speaking... which I;ve already told you about!!

So it's been a good day, and I hope tomorrow will be the same. Even though I have a Chemistry quiz (we started working on naming compounds not so long ago, and we had to memorize some common compounds and their names). Tomorrow I'm staying after school to paint my ceiling tile. I think I'm working at a good pace, actually ;D

Oh, by the way, I've uploaded the pictures from the dinner last Saturday. Chek them out!!

Love you all!


Ps. Mom, thank you for telling me about the marzipan ;D

And Esme, el juego de las cartas en espa;a se llama policias y ladrones. Te acuerdas?? El rey es el policia, y tiene que encontrar al asesino etc, etc...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey day!!

I should have written yesterday, but I didn't touch the computer in the whole day!! (I did a lot of different things, though)

So basically I'm going to talk about Thanksgiving. Everybody was here, which made it great!

Mom cooked for the whole week. Everyday she was fixing something different, so that she wouldn't have to cook for the whole day on Thanksgiving. The only thing that was cooked on the same day was the turkey itself. And the dressing :P

We had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn pudding, onion with bechamel (I didn't eat many of those >:P) and turkey, of course!!

There were also different kinds of bread, wich were sweet. If I had to translate it, I would say they were "bizcochos", rather than "pan". There were orange, pumpkin and cranberry breads... Pumpkin and orange breads were delicious!!! And how could I forget the cranberry sauce?? Tart and sweet at the same time... yum!!

For dessert we had pumpkin pie and a true american apple pie, which was finger-liking good!! :D

In conclusion, there was a lot of food. And good food!! :D

After dinner we played a card game that Elsa brought. I already knew it, in Spain we call it "cops and robbers". We all played and it was a very fun game!!

One thing that caught my attention is that here for every different card game, they have different decks, and you buy them separately. In Spain we are clever, because for every game we use the same good old deck :P

And that's all!! We didn't take many pictures... I'm sorry!! We were doing a lot of other things, so we didn't really have time to be taking pictures :( However I took pictures of the food :P

I'll write emails to you tomorrow!! Lots of love!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3rd Month

I really can't believe it's already been 3 months since I'm here... It feels as if I had spent here many years and at the same time as I had spent only a couple of days.

The first event I'm going to mention is the election. The first African American president in history was elected, so I can say I've lived a historical moment!! (whoohoo!!) However, whether he's going to be a good president or not, we shall decide after a couple of months (and specially when he becomes the true president in January).

I think a lot changed this month. What I mean, things changed a lot inside myself. I think the fact that I'm getting enough sleep is significant (Thanks to Timmy, my onion!! :D). That has made me a lot calmer and I enjoy myself a lot more in general.

At school we received our first report card, and I was very proud, because I got an honor roll! It was also a weird month because except for last week we had at least one day off every week!!

We performed in our first play (and hopefully no tthe last, but I'm not sure if there are going to be more), and I can say it was a success. We met a lot of nice poeple in our rehearsals and even though we had to stay some days until 9, it was worthwhile.

I think it was a very interesting month, and maybe it's because we had so many holidays it went by so fast!! Anyway, I enjoyed it ;D

Today and yesterday I stayed after school to work on my ceiling tile. I drawing Princces Margarita, from Las Meninas. I think for being my first big artwork, it's coming out pretty well!! When it's finished I promise I'll take pictures. I'm very excited about it because it's something that's going to stay at school until the ceiling falls down, and I believe that won't happen in a long time. :D

I also excited about Thanksgiving, which is this Thusday. Tomorrow we have school until 11.25 and then on Thursday and Friday we don't have school. That's sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!! :D

Lots of love everybody, and take care!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Paella that couldn't be

I'm sorry to comunicate that the paella... I didn't even make it!!

In the end we were ordering our yearbooks and also doing some homework and it got so late that we didn't have time to fix it. I guess I'll do it this weekend instead, but I'm no sure because on Saturday we are going to Matthew's house because it's his birthday!! (cool!)

Anyway, I'm happy I'm still alive, however this might be my last week :P And on one hand I'd like that, because next week is going to be horrible!!

The play opens next Thursday,so we have rehearsals almost everyday (even on Saturday, from 9.30am till 4pm :O), and next week it's not going to be until 5 as we're used to (that wouldn't be that bad) but it's until 9!!! that is from 2.30 that school finishes until 9pm!!! :O I'm a bit angry because the teacher never paid any attention and now she's stressed and we have to stay for that long >:( (and if at least we had something to do!! but being extras the only thing we can do is take a book with us and wait :P)

Also next Monday there's another National Art Honor Society meeting, and I'm definitely going!! We have to paint a famous artwork in a ceiling tile, and I think I'm going ot do the Meninas. It's one of the most famous Spanish paintings, and I like it better than the Guernica ;D I saw the pictures of Sorolla, and I like them, but I think Velazquez is more famous.

By the way, I asked about the notebook computer. They told me that it's be better if I waited to be there because of the warranty. However, there are good prices now, you can get a normal one for around $300-400. Anyway, I don't really think i want it now, I'd rather if you saved the money :S

I'm glad they have received the letter already!! that was pretty soon, only a week ;D I haven't sent anything to Carlota yet, because I'm waiting to go to the beach and get some postcards. But don't worry, I don't forget about it!!

That's all folks!! I love you I love you!!


P.S. I uploaded the pictures of me dressed up as a monster :P

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I know you all have been hearing abou the US election these past weeks. I guess you are as tired of it as I am. But don't worry, my friends, because finally everything's over!

I wanted to take side in this election, but found it tremendously difficult. Politicians here never talk about what they are going to do, or I've never heard them talk about it. However, they keep criticising each other's plans (even though people are not sure what their plans are!!). That's the reason why I can't express my opinion on this topic: simply because I'm not informed enough. Obama seemed to me the same as McCain, but 20 years younger and black. I didn't like any of them, as well as I didn't dislike them.

I am just afraid that he is one of those with "not a bad word nor a good deed". The problem with the candidates that promise too many good and beautiful things is that often times it just can't be possible. As I said, only time will reveal.

I like to see this as a historic moment. This is going to be the first black president of the United States (well, his half white half black, but anyway...). In 100 years kids like me will study this event. I can't but think how lucky I am to be here and live it by myself!!!

I'll try to keep more informed from now on. Everybody is thrilled that Obama won because they all say he is going to fix everything... I truly hope that my skepticism is unfounded. Something that really caught my eye is how into it teenagers are. i mean, they have strong opinions! :O I think (and hope) that they reached them by themselves, not because their parents told them that!!

Uncle Victor, thank you for writing me!! it was really nice to hear from you, really!! And dad... I'm sorry, I don't know that I would understand half of the words in that "carabanchel" slang even though I lived there and my Spanish were 100% perfect :P (however, I get the message ;D). And Mom, it's just normal not to know what to feel. I feel the same way, I don't know if this is right or wrong. Since we don't live in the country (well I do, but I didn't get anything) we can't see how they really are adn therefore our opinions will always be incomplete. Wow :P

Aaanyway, next time I write will be on Friday. I hope I'll have good news ;D (Progress Reports!!!)

I love you!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hello again everybody! :D

This Friday (yesterday xD) was Halloween!! Unlike you, we had to go to school. However we don't have school on Monday and Tuesday!!! (I think it's because of the election)

In Geography some kids gave me candy, which was really nice of them! Then in English, my Math teacher came in dressed up as Yoda :p (she's a Star Wars freak!). She was really funny!! Apparently she had a free block, so she spent it going from class to class and scaring us. Actually she scared me, because we saw the door opening and all of a suden I see this...creature xD(you know, Yoda could not be described as a good looking fellow :D).

In Biology the teacher was dressed up as Marie Curie. It was funny because she spoke with this Frenchaccent all the class :P. In Public Speaking I gave my speech... and I think I did it really well! My teacher said she liked it, so I expect a good grade :P As I said, if it were in Spanish it would not be a problem for me, but being in English I'm never sure if I do it correctly or not.

And finally the funnest part of the day... the evening!! Rose dress up as a witch, I was a monster, and we gave candy to the children. I also tried to scare some of them, and some of the kids did get scared! (although one kid hit me :O)

Then we went trick or treating in the neighborhood, and by doing that we broke the law... YES!! I'm a criminal!! If someone finds out we can go to jail, so be quiet!! hahaha Only kids under 12 can trick or treat. If you're older you can be put to jail. Sounds extreme, right??

Today we are going to change the hour. I don't know why they do it on a different date here. Who knows!!

Mom, it's nice that you write in French because I'm forgetting all of it!!! :O I looked at the picture, and it was really nice to see everyone! Dad, they were few and cowards, you were right!! :P

Girls, thank you for writing me, even if it's only a few lines ;)

See you all!! have a nice day...or night... or whatever!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Hi again!

Yesterday I had one of the most american experiences ever... I carved a pumpkin!!!

As you know we bought the pumpkins last week in the farmers market, and finally we got to carve them yesterday. rose made a funny face and I designed a cat with some stars and a moon. I think we did a great job for it being the first time! :D

I have looooots of pictures, so you better see them!

School was good yesterday as well. Mrs. DiJulio (my Art teacher) took us outside so that we could draw some cars. It was veeery cold, but I managed to finish my drawing. We are going to do something cool with them, you'll see! ;)

Today I had an interesting experience as well. Mrs. Davis (my public speaking teacher) brought in a guest speaker. He is a marketing teacher and it was really fun! We did different activities and it was really cool. First we had to do a puzzle in groups of four (my group was the last one... wron strategy! :S). Second we had to throw some paper balls and hit some paper plates he had put on the walls. Finally, in groups of four again, we had to hold hands and keep a balloon in the air touching it only with our hands, arms and heads.

The point of these activities were: 1)Know the big picture (we all agreed that we would've been able to do the puzzle better if we had known what we were doing before). 2)Keep focused (The more focused you are, the biggest chance to "hit the target"). 3)Know your role and learn teamwork (We had to work together to keep the balloon in the air).

It wa sreally interesting to do all these things and relate them to speeches and public speaking. I am sooo glad I'm taking this course, really!! I'm goin to give my first speech on Friday. It is an interview speech, that means that we have to introduce to the class someone we've inteviewed (we all have interviewed someone from the class, and of course we know each other, but well... we have to introduce them anyway!). Every night I'm practising in front of Mom, UBie and Rose, because I can't read the speech, which means that I have to know fairly well what I'm going to say. Mrs. Davis will only allow us to take a 3x5 index card with us. I am reaally nervous about it!! If it were in Spanish I wouldn;t mind speaking for 2 minute sin front of the class, but being in English I'm not so confident... Oh well, as UBie said, I'm taking P.S. because it's challenging!

I also had rehearsal today. Starting this week we have to stay after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This week, however, I'm going by myself, because Rose has orchestra rehearsal (she's there right now) and tomorrow will be the concert. So thanks that Rose wasn't there (and I know it might sound mean!) I've been able to know a whole bunch of new people! If I'm with Rose I know I'll be shy and I won't speak to anyone else unless they talk to me. Aaanyway, it was fun today :D

I was so happy I talked to everybody this weekend!! And I'm glad everyone's doing good! :)

That's everything for now... don't forget to chek out the new pictures!!! (in the Halloween album)

I love you


Sunday, October 26, 2008

2nd Month

It's already been 2 months since I'm here... Wow! i can't believe time passed so fast, yet slowly at the same time.

This month I've gotten used to my new life, and I can say that, although it took me a while, everything's okay now.

Everyday I learn something new about English, other people and even myself.

One of the things that I've discovered is that I just take thing too seriously. I mean, it's ok if I worry about good grades and things like that, but not to the point that I get mad at myself when I get a B instead of an A.

Another thing that I hadn't notice before is how nervous I am!! I just noticed when Mom told me that I was just chewing gum at 100 miles per second. She knows about body language (I'm reading a book about it too), and she told me that it was a sign of being nervous, and that it wasn't the only thing I did. Sooo I thought about it and yes, I was getting nervous about everything and sometimes without a reason!! So I'm learning to take things a little bit easier, without goofing around, but not taking them as seriously if I don't have to.

And so far, it's worked! I study, I do my homework, I do well at school and without stress :D

I'm also considering a lot of new things about what I want to study, and why. I don't have an answer yet, because there are many things I really like, but hopefully this year will help me.

This month I've only read one book (and I'm not finished yet) which is Brisingr. I don't know why, but I'm reading it rather slowly, it's not as exciting as I first thought. I'm working on a lot of drawings, which is good, and I'm going to work on different crafts (such as craving pumpkins ;D).

My only objectives for next month will be finding more intesting books, keeping up the good grades (that includes not losing more textbooks) and working a bit more in knowing myself. I really want to improve my self-esteem and try not to be so hard on myself. After all, nobody's perfect, and that's a lesson I have to learn!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Haunted Hayde Ride

I'm back!!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything new during the whole week, but I was rather busy with homework, and I barely touched the computer :P

On Wednesday evening UBie and Mom took us to the Haunted Hayde Ride!! :D It was something that in Spain we would call "casa del terror". I enjoyed it very much!!! They said that the actors liked me a lot because I got scared many times, and actually maybe that's possible because they kept following me all time!!! :D I also had a corn dog... it's awesome! It's like a hot dog, but instead of having a bun of bread, it has like a batter around, and they fry it... Really, really good!! I uploaded some pictures, the ones Rose took with her camera, but most of them are in Mom's and Ubie's camera so we'll have to wait a bit...

On the other hand I have the pictures of me in the supermarket in my jammies!! :D I think that was the funnest part of the night, even funner than the dance :S

Aaaanyway, the Halloween festival was on Wednesday, and I wanted to upload the pictures yesterday, but I couldn't because today in Chemistry class we celebrated the Mole day!!! (Mole being 6.02x10^23... We love you Avogadro's number) and we had to bring some projects, so I worked on a poster, and since we had rehearsal and came back home later than usual, I finished really late so I just felt like reading and drawing for a while.

And today... hahaha it was funny :P Rose didn't go to school (healthy day...long story), and it had to be the only day on which I've overslept!!! So UBie woke me up at 6.50 and had to ruuun to the car. Actually I din't even had time to brush my hair and have breakfast (but this last thing he told me I couldn't do, so he was kind enough to wait until I had a glass of milk and some loaves of bread). Thankfully I'm kind of changing my look (you'll see in the pictures) so I didn't worry a lot about my hair.

School was ok. In Art Mrs. DiJulio took us outside to draw some car engines, and talking about Art, she put the 2 pictures I've made so far on the board!!! The board is right next to the front door, and not everybody's pictures are there, so I was veeeery proud. I couldn't help taking pictures ;D

Chemistry was fun! Everybody brought in food (a mole of cookies, a mole of soda...), so it was fun. I got a 100 in our last test, and the teacher even said he was thinking about giving me extra work, because what it takes the rest a hour to do, I do in half an hour... On one side I want him to do it, but on the other hand I don't really want a lot of extra work, so who knows...

After school I nearly missed the bus, because they changed the number (from 8 to 61). Sometimes they change the number and they drive me crazy, because I don't know it and keep looking for bus number 8 until I ask one of the teachers that are outside.... But I didn't miss it in the end! ;D

Then this afternoon Mom took us both to the farmers market to buy our Halloween Pumpkins!!! :D It's a lovely place. Actually, even in the area we live, every time I look up there are big trees, so if I didn't know I'm the coast, I'd think I in Dakota or some other state in the mountains :P It's a beautiful place. We chose our pumpkins, took many pictures and I even got to pet a puppy!!! hehehe :D

After that we went to the post office (I didn't send the package, but I bought stamps ;D), and to Toys'R'us, because Mom wanted to buy a Jenga for Jim (UBie's brother). Jenga is a Japanese game in which you have to build a tower, it's fun! There I got to play Guitar Hero for XBox 360 and it was sooooooooooooo awesome!! it wasn;t only a guitar, but also drums!! So yes, I liked it very much :P (I didn't like the price, though xD)

Soooo I had fun today!! Tomorrow I will email everybody. By the way, Mom, you have to show me how to decorate the Photobucket album, because mine is always white and boring... I really don't know how to change it!! :S And I love all the pictures, really. :D It's very nice that you are doing that. I love the pictures of Madrid, and the ones in which you are at Grandma's house :D

Dad, this week I tried to log into the Online Bank and I couldn't... Which card number do I have to use?? I used the regular one, instead of the golden one... :S Or if you have any way to see it for yourself, can you tell me if I've done okay this month??

Lots of love everybody, and be good :P


PS. By the way, I uploaded pictures in the Halloween album, the Homecoming album and the Art album ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Here I am again!

This week's been good so far, except for my little problem in Public Speaking. However, now everything's solved! I have my new book and I'm waiting for Mrs. Davis to tell me how much it is. I still have detention on friday, though! :O (yes, I'm such a bad girl! :P) but looking at the bright side, I'll be able to do my homework for the weekend, and that's good because on Saturday is the Homecoming dance, and rose and I are going ;) (I promise lots of pictures)

Today was a special day, because it was the day on which the PSAT test has been taken. It is some kind of pre-college test (have to find out more about it). Neither Rose nor I took it, but many kids of the High School did, so from 7.20 to 10 we just sat in he cafeteria and waited. I brought my Brisingr book with me, so it wasn't that bad (almost read 150!). Then we had only 30 minutes of our 2 first blocks and around 1 hour of our third block instead of 95 minutes. The fourth block, however, was a regular block. (Which was Public Speaking, and we had a nice time today!)

I think today we're going to the 39ers (thirtyniners). It's something like the chinese shops in Spain, for you to understand. That's one of the only ones of the kind I've seen, besides The Dollar Tree.

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do this year, and the clubs that I've joined don't seem to meet regularly (maybe only the anime club once each 2 weeks, and I'm not sure yet if I want to be there!! :S), so I've heard about this Teen Readers club and maybe I'm going join it. My English teacher is the cosponsor, and I really like her, so yes, I want to try it! Reading can't hurt anyone, can it?? ;D

Tomorrow we have our 2nd rehearsal. Looks like we extras only have to go on Thursdays, and that's great, because I wouldn't be able to sit and watch the whole play over and over every day!

Sooo I'm going now! I promise to write again this weekend, because it seems it's going to be full of interesting things ;)

I love you very much! :D


12 de Octubre

Porque es un dia especial, actualizo en espa;ol de Espa;a, aunque sin la letra clave de nuestra lengua!

Se echa de menos la patria, especialmente las tapitas, el chorizo, el cocidito y hasta las lentejas! Que viva la gastronomia espa;ola!!

Aqui tambien he podido apreciar las diferencias entre Europa y America, y especialemente la forma de vida mediterranea de la que hacemos alarde. Aqui la gente no anda! No hay parques por los que pasear, calles llenas de tiendas en las que dar un paseo mientras ver los escaparates, nada!! Aqui vas con el coche y te recuerda a los poligonos industriales que ves en las carreteras. Y tiendas peque;as? Olvidate! Son gigantescas! No se si sera que es de es amanera en esta ciudad, pero algo me dice que colo en ciudades al estilo Nueva York podemos encontrar calle en las que andar (si por no haber,a veces no hay ni aceras, oye!).

Ya he decidido que lo primero que voy a hacer cuando vuelva a Espa;a va a ser:

1) Comer comida de verdad
2) Nunca mas quejarme por andar
3) Apreciar la historia que hay en nuestro continente en general, y en nuestro pais en particular, porque aqui NO HAY NADA QUE VER! :O (excepto Williamsburg xD)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hey everyone!

This week's been pretty normal. Now the routine is starting to begin. Actually, that's good, because it is now when we're going to be able to get used to being here (which Rose and I pretty much are by now)

On Wednesday something happened. I was really scared :P Here I am in my Art class, and then one of the kids that work in the seccurity desk comes looking for me, because I had to go to the clinic. The teacher was as surprised as I was (I wasn't sick at all!! :O). So I go to the clinic, and it turned out to be a simple check because I'm new in the city :D They checked my eyes, my ears, measured me and all that. Pretty cool stuff!

Then on Thursday things got a little worse... a lot worse, let's say :S At first the day was awesome, i got a B in an English test, but then, in Public Speaking... I got an E and detetion!! :O Yes, me, detention, next Friday after school. Why? because I'd forgotten my book!! :( In the morning I looked for it at home, and it wasn;t there so I guessed it'd be in my locker. Nope, it wasn;t there either. Then when I got home after school I looked for it again and Oops... not here! So yeah, I've lost the book and I have to pay for it :S ($52).

The thing that bothers me most is that I got an E, because she often makes us take notes from the book and then gives us a quiz on that, and lets us see the notes. No book, no notes, not a clue of what the quiz was about. Oh well, I have plenty of time to make up for it, so let's not worry about it :P

In the afternoon it was fine, I went with Mom to the supermarket, and then to the pet store and all the places she had to go.

Then yesterday was a normal day, except for this little thing that happened in Marh. There was a fire drill!! So we had to go out running, and it was very fun :D Sometimes they'll do things like this.

In the evening we all went to Barnes and Nobles, the book store with a Starbucks in it. I like that place very much, you can pick the magazines, read them while you have your coffee and then leave them if you don't like them :D (I know that's not very polite, but everybody does it!! :P). I've seen some books I want that I'll buy when I finish Brisingr (which I'm reading at a very slow pace because the beginning is not very interesting).

Lately I've been working harder in my pronuntiation. Sometimes I notice that people make weird faces when I talk, and sometimes they don;t really understand me. I talked to Mom and she told me that she understands me well because she's used to listening to people with very different accents. After a while we noticed that my problem are the vowels (wow :O). The "e" and the "i" are not like in spanish at all. You have to say them with your mouth in the shape of a smile. (like é in French). I was soooo upset!! Nobody had told me that before! So here I am practising. My mouth actually hurts :O

That's everything for now! :D I think I'll call you tonigh, Mom and Dad, because you seem to want to talk (I read the comments). then I'll send emails tomorrow or on Monday! Please, send me the pictures of Linares, ok?? And Esmeralda, I want some pictures too! :P Lucia, it is better if you send me emails because that way I won't forget to answer you!! but you can do whatever you want, actually. I hope you tell me a bit more about how you're feeling! you said you felt confused, right? :)

Lots of love!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Progress Reports

How's everybody doing?? I have some exciting news!!

Yesterday we were given our progress reports. It seems that they give them to us every 4 or 5 weeks. It's not the final report of the semester, or even the quarter, but it gives you an idea of how you're doing. I'm actually proud of myself! I thought I wasn't doing well at all in English, but i can't ask for more! Being an exchange student, taking Honors English and getting a B is quite impressive, don't you think?? :D (I uploaded the picture in Photobucket, too)

I also had my first National Art Honor Society meeting (no regular Art Club this year, it seems...). They have a lot of interesting projects, although they are not 100% sure at this point. As I get to do things, I'll tell you! maybe (only maybe) there will be a trip to Washington D.C. to go to the National Art Museum. It depends on if we manage to get the money.

Now let's tell things in order... This weekend was very fun! I finally got to meet Anushka, she's so funny! :D I liked her very much, and seems an interesting person, I really hope I can get to know more about her.

Saturday was pretty normal, but on Sunday... we finally went to the movies!! (oh yeah!! :P. Chris wanted to go too, so he took us and watched 'Burn after Reading'. Let me tell you this, if you have the chance to see it, don't. We all thought it was a comedy...wrong idea, not funny at all. The story is confusing, that if we can tell it has a story! :O So the 3 of us were a bit dissapointed... I can't believe Brad Pitt let me down :(

There was something that really shocked me. The tickets are $10!! :O That's madness! Gul says in Turkey it's more or less the same, but in Spain it's like 4E. Crazy, crazy! Before I came I thought things would be a lot cheapier here, but it's not that way at all! there are some things that are more expensive than in Spain (Food, for example). I'm still not into the clothes thing, but I'll find out soon :D

Today it was fine, just a regular day of school... It was a B day. i don;t know why, but I seem to like A days better.
How are you doing in Linares, Mom and Dad? I don't know what you mean by 'enough' :S Anyway, try to look at the bright side and enjoy yourselves, it you vacation after all! (well, maybe not for you Dad :P)
How was it in Portugal, Esme? I hope you send me a looong email with a lot of pictures! :D
Well, everybody, I'm leaving for now! ;)
Love y'all!!
p.s: I added a new link. It's a website with a lot of pictures of a lot of countries, I find it very interesting. check it out ;)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy, busy week!!!

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry I've not written in this whole week... the case is... I was really busy!!! :P First of allI want to answer to the comments in the previous post.

Lucia, thank you fro writing!! really, it made me very happy to hear from you!

Mom and Dad... Thank you for keeping me filled in! Good to know all the things that are going on! Have fun in Linares ;) (I still don't know when you are going :P). I hope nex week there won;t be any problems with the phone card, so that you can tell me everything hehe! Take a lot of picures!

My girls.... EVERYTHING IS SOOO COOL!! :P It had to be the year that I'm not there, but anyway I'm happy for you! (And I'm not worrying a lot because you said that maybe next year I can do that exchange student thing hehehe...) Please, email me and explain me everything in detail!! The play also seems interesting, I bet you're going to have a lot of fun ;)

On Wednesday it was the first rehearsal for drama club. I have to say that this is very different from our little plays in Villaluenga. I will only tell you that the script has around 70 pages. And it'll be performed in November... Not bad, huh? We took a whole year to get to perform only 10 pages! I'm glad I'm just an extra, so I don;t have to study all that bunch of lines hehe. Basically what we did is read the script. The kids with speaking roles are totally awesome, without a single rehearsal they just got the right entonation :O

It was Open House, too. That is the day on which parents go to the high school and see every teacher and listen to thei class expectations. Not every kid goes, but Mom and UBie wanted us to go, so we went. UBie went with Rose and Mom went with me. It was kind of funny because they know almost every teacher, so when they find out that I'm staing with the Reeds, they start remembering all the other kids that they've had :P Then that night they have a stand where they sell sweatshirts, and you can decorate them with Princess Anne stickers. I have mine yay!! I'll take pictures of it this weekend, I just love it. (I'm wearing it right now)

Then yesterday I had to finish an essay for English. I though I had finished it, but nooo!! I started it over again, because I didn't like it. It was an essay about The Crucible, a play we've read in class. Probably it would've been difficult in Spanish too. I had to write a sketch on any character, and I chose Reverend John Hale (not that you mind, but well, I just felt like saying it :P). The problem is that I'm good at writing normal essays on a topic, but when it comes to making points, proving them and then explaining I get lost. Aaaanyway, this year will help me to get better at it too! ;)

Today.... is finally Friday!! probably my favourite day of the week! Today I had a Biology quiz, and a vocabulary quiz in Public Speaking. I think I did great in those, as I've already said, for a Spanish student this kind of tests might be really easy. Guess next year I'll have to get used to our exams again! :P But this year is totally worthwhile.

When I came home and finished my homework (or half of it ;P) I saw something very curious on TV.... In the food channel.... They were making Pallella! (yes, Pallella... they can't say Paella :DD). It was a "Chicken and Sausage Paella". At first I was thinking "Well, I don';t know of any paella with sausages, besides, sausages aren't spanish!!" but then... she said it!! it was a chorizo sausage!! :D Not that we use it in paella (yuck >xP) but at least it was Spanish. So I;ve come to the conclusion that I need to show these people what a true paella is!! Maybe next weekend I'll try and make one so please, Mom!! Could you send me the recipe? :D I'd appreciate it so much!

After that I went out for a while and played tennis with Joey, and I got so tired that I said "Well, I'm going to write in my blog!" hehehe! I'm waiting for Mom to come, so that we can go to Hallmark because I want to buy some things there (I'll tell you next day what it is).

Tonight Chris and Anushka are coming! :D I can finally get to meet Anushka, I'm sooo glad! ;)

I love you all!! May the force be with you ;)


Friday, September 26, 2008

1st Month

Well, now it's been a month since I'm here. I've decided that every month I'm going to make a special post evaluating how it was and summarizing what I did ;)

The first month is the most difficult one. Everything is new and in the beggining that's cool, but then you realize that you really are going to spend a whole year here. Once you accept it it's a lot easier to go on.

Many things have happened: Mom's niece (Krista) came twice, it was Chris's birthday, Matt went to Europe to visit Elsa, Adka came and we went to Williamsburg and then UBie's stepmother died and he had to go to Ohio. Not a very typical month, regarding Mom, but sure it was exciting!

School started and I got to meet all my teachers and classmates. Some are better than others, but every of them acceptable and bearable. Specially in Art class and Public Speaking I talk to many of the kids. One thing that bothers me is that children here speak very lowly, so mostof the times it's not that I don't understand it but I can't hear them!!

I also tried many clubs and made it for the Fall play and had the anime club first meeting today. I like poeple in Drama club, they're nice and there's one girl from my P. Speaking class that I like veeeery much. In the Anime club everything is insane. Seriously. No kidding at all!! I'm a bit afraid, but I've decided that before judging and because today was the 'presentation' day and didn't watch ani anime at all I'm going to give it another chance and then decide whether I like and keep on going or not.

Next month I want to try the art club (1st meeting on the 6th of October) and the Pilates club (not a clue when 1st meeting will be)

So far I'm doing well with my grades, although it could be better. Since here everything is kind of easier compared to Spain (tests are basically matching or multiple choices) I have made the promise to try my best so my average will be an A and therefore when I go to Spain it'll be something like a 10 ;)

I have read 4 books (Breaking Dawn, Dating Game, The Elegance of the Hedgehog and Cindy Ella) and am reading other 2 (The Scarlet Letter and Dreamland). Most of those books are Gul's but she's very nice and lends them to me! :D

Finally, I went through some very difficult moments missing Spain, family and friends(and food) but succesfully got over them (go, Elena, go!). The path to maturity and independence is right in front of me and I seem to be going the right way.

Now a new month is starting and ther will be many new experiences that I'll share with you as often as I can! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

Hey everybody!

How are you doing? I have many things to tell, so let's get down to bussines! :)

First things first, I want to talk abou the Elegance of the Hedgehog. I finished it on Monday and oh my gosh... Now I understand why our Spanish teacher said that you laugh at the beginning and cry at the end. If you are feeling sad for something, don't read it! I really felt bad, but it's an awesome book. No one of the best of the world, but very easy to read and understand, in spite of all the philosophical comments ;)

OK now, after I wrote my last entry, Anushka's cousin came to introduce us to her wife (apparently he got married in August in India, where he met her). She hardly spoke English, and has a Law degree, but cannot work here basically because of the language. That's a pity! so I hope when she gets better she'll be able to work as a lawyer

Then, on Monday, I felt very badly. I didn't sleep very well, woke up at 2 and couldn't sleep again until 3 or so, and the dreams didn't help a lot (I can't remember what I dreamt that night, buuuut I kno I didn't like it). Then we had to get the bus but we missed it! So we had to wake Mom up (although she had been in bed only for an hour :P), and she wasn't very happy, but told us not to worry anyway.

Also on Monday the auditions for the drama club were held.... well, it was horrible! :O They gave us a monologue to memorise and we had to perform it in two different ways, and after that with a random partner (but I was lucky and went with Rose :D) perform a scene. I had to play the role of a little girl in the dentist and she was the dentist. we didn't know what to do, because we have accent and are not as fluent in english as we'd like to be, so we played a mime act :P Then we went home and I felt so.... I don't know how to say it, but that made me make a decision.

I decided that I couldn't be sad anymore. I'm not here to feel like crying everyday and keep worrying about Mom and Dad in Spain (yes, I already told you, I worry about you!! :O). This might sound selfish, I know it, but I feel like I'm abandoning you and leaving you alone and helpless. That's why Yesterday I sat down with Mom and talked to her. She made me realize that you don't want me to be sad, and that a parent's goal is to raise their children so that they can live by themselves and become independant. It's always hard for both parts, but eventually we'll learn to get over it, and getting mature and independant doesn't mean that I love you less or that I'm abandoning you.

Sooo I really felt better, I cried for a while, let it all out and then started smiling again. I've realized that being here is the best thing that could have happened to me. As Jewish people have the bar mitzvah, I have my year in America to help me growing up and mature. Somehow, I know this is the right thing both for you, Mom and Dad, and for me, although it's a bit difficult now :) (You know the saying, "tras la tormenta viene la calma")

After our little chat, we went to Barnes and Nobles! It's a book store with a Sturbucks in it, and I just love it. There are sooo many books and you can pick them up and read them while you have a coffee and then decide wheter you want to buy them or not. I already want some of them that I'll buy in October, when I can use more money!! :P (I know videogames are a bad habit, Dad but it's just once in a year so that I have something to do besides reading, drawing and watching TV!). I had a wonderful time there, and also with Rose. Now we're starting to know each other better, and that's good.

Then it was late (around 8.30) so Mom didn;t have much time to make dinner, so we bought some hamburgers from Wendy's, which are good for us :P (and at least they taste good as well!)

And today I woke up with my batteries charged! (literally, because I'm very tired :P) We didn't miss the bus like on Monday (and hopefully won't be able to miss it again, because UBie's already here! :D), but they had an emergency drill!! :O They made us get down through the back door and then get on again... Anyway, it was a new experience indeed :P

Also in the lunch break I had to buy some goggles for Chemistry, and afterwards couldn;t find Rose, so I was going to my Chemistry class when I saw the list for the play this fall.... and I just culdn;t believe it!!! I'M IN THE PLAY!!! :D And Rose is too! We have non-speaking parts (also known as extras :P) but it's better than nothing! Since Adka (5 years ago) we're the only ones who've made it, so it's something to be proud of!

Also this afternoon we went to the Beach for the first time! :D (I uploaded some pictures!) It was sooo windy, but we didn't mind! I had a lot of fun :D Somethings are like in Spain, but some other things are not. For example here there aren't as many apartment buildings as in Spain, they rent houses instead! and in the first row there are big buildings, but they're only hotels, then in the 2nd row are the shops which are small buildings. It's very curious, next time I'll try and take pictures of them ;)

And then... Here I am! That's all! I'm going to read a bit of the Scarlet Letter (Now it's getting boring :/) and that's it. Tomorrow at 6 we have a Karaoke arranged by the Drama club. Of course we're going! :P

Dad, thank you for the music! ;) Take care, both of you! :) Loooove you!

And girls!! When Saturday comes I want to see in my mailbox an email from every and each of you telling me how your first week was! :P Esme, if you see Marisa tell her that I'm in the drama club, please!!

Lots of love everybody! Be careful, take care, blah, blah, blah!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spore and Nadal!


How's everyone? I'm fine, my weekend was relaxing and pretty normal. Well, 'normal'

I think I already told you that UBie's stepmother died on Thursday, right? They just found her laying on the floor at her house. So, UBie's brother came yesterday and had dinner with us (that's why we couldn't go to the movies in the end) and they left early in the morning.

Anyway, let's start with Friday. On Friday I was happy because it was the beggining of the weekend! (yeah, I don't like getting up at 6 and not being able to stay up later than 10 without passing out :O Besides, I don;t like mornings. I always feel sad. It gets better as the day goes by, though ;)). In the afternoon we went to see the Blue Angels (That;s a group of planes of the navy that do fancy things in the air) Guess what, in the end we didn't get to see them!! We stayed there for almost 2 hours and saw many other little planes, but not the cool ones!! Anyway, I had a great time with Mom and Rose.

With Rose I don;t talk very much yet, because her English is not very good, but little by little it'll get better. That's why right now I spend most of my time with Mom (she talks all the time, and that's cool for me).

Then after waiting for the planes, we went to the drugstore. I bought some nail files and french manicure nail polish. It has a mistake proof white brush, and it works for me :p

Yesterday (saturday) I woke up and just sat with UBie in the living room, watching I Love Lucy. That;s what we do on weekends, we are the ones who get up early (at 10, sometimes earlier) and since I discovered that show, is what we do. If you get a chance, you should watch it!! It;s in black and white, and it's about an american woman married to a cuban guy (Ricky Ricardo) and she always gets in trouble when she tries to get what she wants and all that. Very funny, really! I think it's the best show I've seen since I'm here ;) (American TV sucks almost all day long)

Then in the afternoon Mom's niece came over with her boyfriend. He's in the navy and therefore he works here, so after a holiday in New York with her, she came with him for some days. Krista is a very nice girl, I like her :)

After that Jim, UBie's brother came over. He's very tall, that;s the only thing he has in common with UBie. I don't see anything lese in their faces or even their personality. While UBie is easy going (although sometimes reserved) and funny, Jim looked very serious. Matt also came, because he hadn't seen Jim since he was a child (Yes, almost 20 years ago...)

Families here are not like in Spain. I's say that every kid leaves home at 18 to go to college, and many of them go far away, so they only see their parents a few times a year. After that, they just have their own lives, and brothers don;t have such a strong relationship as Spaniards do, so if they live in different states, chances are that they'll only see each other 4 or 5 times in their lives. Now I'm happy I'm Spanish!! :P

We played Jenga (a japanese game in which you have to build a tower) for a while and then I just fell asleep on the coach. I was veeery tired.

Today I got up later than usual (at 11, wow! :P)and watched Nadal's game. Of course he won! hehehe (That's why his picture!) Right away I could say that it was Spain. The public is very different from what I see here, more... spanish :P (that is more shouting, more singing and all those "oe, oe oe oe") I'm happy that he won, I think he's going to win the cup!
Then in the afternoon adn after studying (Chemistry test tomorrow) we went to the mall. I saw many cute shirts and clothes but... I had something in mind for the 50 euros I had left this month... It's called Spore!
It's a videogame in which you create your own little creature and help it grow into a community, then a city, etc, etc. I really need something to entertein myself apart from drawing and reading, so I thought it was a good idea since I already had my eye on this game and here I can;t download it. So this month I din't buy any clothes, but I bought a videogame!! Yay!! :D However, October's close so I won't have to wait long before I can buy some of the things I've seen ;)
Now I want tot alk abou the books I'm reading. The Elegance of the Hedgehog is just amazing! I'm enjoying it very much. It's very philosophical, but at the same time, funny and easy to read (even in English)... Very Elena, so to speak :P I recommend it to you.
The Scarlet Letter is a bit harder to understand, it's written in ancient English, but it's ok. It's a bit slow, and I'm afraid it won't have much action, but you get a clear idea of how puritans lived at the time (around the 17th century).
I've already seen some books I want to buy next month! One of them is Brisingr, the third book of the Eragon series (I'm afraid the title doesn't start with an E!!), and the other one is Anna Karenina. This last one is huge, and maybe my English is not very good at the moment, but for 8 dollars I'm so buying it! :P
Now I'm going to install my new super game! :D in 10 minutes the new season of the Simpsons will start, and hopefully I'll be able to find the channel among all the one that they have!
By the way, I'm so happy Bea's surgery went ok... I hope it won't hurt very much, so as soon as you're ok and at home, please let me know!!
Love everyone, take care!
p.s. I tried to install the game... and can't until UBie is here and with his almighty administrator account allows me to do it! O man :O The good new is that I found the Fox channel :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here I am again!! :O

Hi there!!

I am so happy that you lef tso many comments :P and that you tried to write in English!! (except for you Pilar >_>)

I added more pictures, although there are more that were taken with UBie's camera that he hasn't been able yo upload to this computer yet because this week he has a presentation to give (actually, tomorrow :P) and has been busy working on it sooo I didn't want to be very annoying!

He's leaving this evenings, after dinner, and coming back on friday afternoon. I think he said it's in Richmond, I can't remember! :O

Nooow I'll talk about my weekend. Williamsburg was amazing! It's very different from what I'd seen so far, I mean, in Europe they won't set up a whole village so that you can feel as if you were in the 16th century. Only actors live there, and it is like they're working 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!

I could've enjoyed myself more, but it was a hard day for me. Sunday was too. I know it's going to take time until I get used to this new life, but I can't help feeling stupid for not being able to just forget about Spain!! At least it's not like in the camps (I'm not crying in the corners and begging for you to take me back home :P) I know, and have many living proofs (Jofi, Friede adn adka) that this is the best for me, and I'm going to learn not only English, Chemistry and Biology (this last one I'm not so sure :P I'll talk about it later), but also how to get stronger, more mature and independant.

On Monday I didn't want to go to school. I'm not very cheerful at 6;00 in the morning (actually I get ready very quickly, so UBie lets me stay in bed until 6:15) and I usually have those dreams that won't let me rest properly! And I don't feel like taking a nap, so I just get by. I had a Geography quiz and today he gave it back and I scored a 100 :P (right now everything's easy!).

You have to know that here we have quizzes almost everyday, which is good because it makes you study everyday, instead of a lot in the last minute for the test. The quizzes I've taken so far have more or les 10 or 20 questions. Fill the blanks, match, multiple choice.....easy stuff!! The tests... I'm not sure yet. I think it depends on the teacher and the subject. Next week I have all my first tests, so I'll let you know. I asked my history teacher and he told me that we only have to study te notes he gives us, not from the book (and we almost didn't take any notes!! :O). If everything's going to be like history, I'm afraid next year is going to be complicated!! But I think the experience will be worth it.

Yesterday I learned that in my Math class there's another Spanish girl!! :O Not an exchange student, but a NATO girl :P She's been living here for 4 years. I got to know that she was spanish because my teacher told me to help her because she didn't understand something (which she did, it was the girls by her side who didn't understand). It's good to know that there's someone from spain, but I told her that it'd be best if we could speak in English, so we did. I want to be nice to her, but I don't want them to be my only friends (coming to the States and going with Spanish people.... bad thing!! :O).

About friends... Actually, I talk to many people, specially in Public speaking and Art (becaus ewe have more 'freedom'). Getting to know people won't be hard, making true friends will!! And that;s what Karen meant when she told me that probably I won't make friends out of school. I've learned no to care very much. After all I have them, and I also have Rose. It's just that I felt a bit lonely at first.

Now, today! Tpday I came to the conclusion that this might be a wasted year, talking about Biology. It's an 'easy' class, and all the lazy kids take it. So just imagine a mixture of bad kids and a teacher who can't keep them under control. What do you get? My Biology class!! :D She goes at a very slow pace, and we keep doing activities that I think are useless, and we spend more time pasting sheets on our notebooks that taking new things. Jofi had the same teacher last year and complained, too, but she didn't mind.

I talked to Karen a while ago, and she's going to talk to the counselor and see if there's any other Biology class at that period (which there is, because I've seen it :P and they might be lazy people, but what I've seen is that they were on their seats and quiet, and the teachir explaining) and change me. even though I know there are, it's not 100% sure that the councelor wants to change me, because my reason is not a good reason. Anyway, if it turns out that it can't be changed, I'll just have to bear with it and work harder next year. I;d love to drop the class and take Study Hall, but even though I;m not learning new things I can learn vocabulary.

That's pretty much everything, for now. I should study a bit now, so I don't have to do it later when I don't feel like doing it :P

Lots of kisses, I love you! :)


p.s: (I always forget something :P) I bought 'The Elegance of the Hedgehog'. It's a book I've wanted to read for a long time, and when I saw it I couldn't hel buying it!!! :D I'm starting it today, when I finish my 2 daily chapters from the Scarlet Letter (We have to read it for school).

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Get Started!

Hi everyone! This'll be my blog for this year, so that you can know what I've been up to in the other side of the world (meaning Virginia Beach :P)

Today we don't know what we're going to do. Adka, a girl from Slovakia who stayed with the Reeds 5 years ago is spending some days with us. She's marvelous!! It's one of those people that you might not notice on the street, but once you stop and look at her carefully you find out a really pretty girl!

Maybe we're going to a city called Williamsburg (nobody told me what's in there), but it's not 100 per cent sure... We have to wait till Mom wakes up (that'll be 1 pm or so :O)... She's just like a vampire!! stays until 5 in the morning and then wakes up late.

Right now I'm feeling a bit down... I always do in the mornings. My dreams aren't very pleasant, and since I've been here it's always the same thing: I go back to Spain, and when somebody asks me how my year was I can't remember anything at all. As if I hadn't ever been there. I know that's a sign of frustration, the question is why am I frustrated? Oh man, I hope it ends soon, it's like I don't rest well and I'm tired all day long :O

Right know I don't have many things to tell, so pleaaaaase leave comments and let me know how everything's going there!! I'll read them once a week, so I don't see much spanish ;) (also you could try and do it in English... that sure would be fun :P)

Lost of love everyone, and have a nice day!! :D


PS: On the upper left corner of the pager are the webs I often visit. In photobucket I'll post most of the pictures so i don't have to email them. Don't forget to check it out!! :)