Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Meditation Speech

Hello everyone!!!

First, I'd like to let you know that my speech was a success!!! Actually, I got a 100!! :D My teacher liked it very much, and even though I was feeling super nervous inside, everybody said it didn't show.

I have some bad news, though :P I didn't make it for the play!! (ohhhh) But don't worry, because I already knew that. This play is a single act, so there's only 4 characters, and no extras at all. However I had a good time auditioning. We had to do a little improvisation, and I had to act like a customer in a coffee shop, then a boy was the employee. It was funny hehehe!

Today was a fun day. I woke up with full energy, so I was like hyperactive or something. I was feeling happy and confident all day long. In Geography I had a test, which I know I did well on. In English we had a surprise quiz (whoohoo... get the sarcasm??), however I know I did well because the Romanticism is one of my favourite literary movements.

Then Biology was actually fun!! We got to use the microscope and saw and drew cork cells, onion cells and even cheek cells. Yes, cheek!! I had to put a toothpick in my mouth and I saw my own little cells... They were so cute with their little nuclei!! :D

Then, of course, Public Speaking... which I;ve already told you about!!

So it's been a good day, and I hope tomorrow will be the same. Even though I have a Chemistry quiz (we started working on naming compounds not so long ago, and we had to memorize some common compounds and their names). Tomorrow I'm staying after school to paint my ceiling tile. I think I'm working at a good pace, actually ;D

Oh, by the way, I've uploaded the pictures from the dinner last Saturday. Chek them out!!

Love you all!


Ps. Mom, thank you for telling me about the marzipan ;D

And Esme, el juego de las cartas en espa;a se llama policias y ladrones. Te acuerdas?? El rey es el policia, y tiene que encontrar al asesino etc, etc...


Ana Isabel said...

Hola cariño!!!!!!!!!!

Me alegro mucho de que estés pasando una buena racha y me gusta que te sientas feliz y segura de tí misma, como dice papá, los Alonso para atrás ni para tomar impulso.

Qué divertido lo del microscopio, no? A mí también me gustaba mucho trastear con esas cosas, je, je, je...

Me da la sensaciónd de que las siguientes notas van a ser mejores que la primeras, aunque las primeras ya fueron de película. Qué orgullosos estamos de tí!!!!!!!

Bueno hija, los paquetes ya han salido para allá, a ver cuando llegan. Espero que te gusten los regalos.....

Un beso muy fuerte y un achuchón, te quiero, mamá.

Ana Isabel said...

Se me olvidaba, he visto las fotos y me hubiése gustado mucho hincarle el diente a esa tarta de chocolate..........qué pinta más rica.

Me alegro de que lo pasáseis bien.

Besos, mamá.