Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey day!!

I should have written yesterday, but I didn't touch the computer in the whole day!! (I did a lot of different things, though)

So basically I'm going to talk about Thanksgiving. Everybody was here, which made it great!

Mom cooked for the whole week. Everyday she was fixing something different, so that she wouldn't have to cook for the whole day on Thanksgiving. The only thing that was cooked on the same day was the turkey itself. And the dressing :P

We had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn pudding, onion with bechamel (I didn't eat many of those >:P) and turkey, of course!!

There were also different kinds of bread, wich were sweet. If I had to translate it, I would say they were "bizcochos", rather than "pan". There were orange, pumpkin and cranberry breads... Pumpkin and orange breads were delicious!!! And how could I forget the cranberry sauce?? Tart and sweet at the same time... yum!!

For dessert we had pumpkin pie and a true american apple pie, which was finger-liking good!! :D

In conclusion, there was a lot of food. And good food!! :D

After dinner we played a card game that Elsa brought. I already knew it, in Spain we call it "cops and robbers". We all played and it was a very fun game!!

One thing that caught my attention is that here for every different card game, they have different decks, and you buy them separately. In Spain we are clever, because for every game we use the same good old deck :P

And that's all!! We didn't take many pictures... I'm sorry!! We were doing a lot of other things, so we didn't really have time to be taking pictures :( However I took pictures of the food :P

I'll write emails to you tomorrow!! Lots of love!



Ana Isabel said...

Hola cariño....

Te escribo en español porque me es más fácil, que estoy de lunes, je, je, je....

He leído el mensaje del mazapán y ya te he contestado en el g-mail, pero por si acaso te lo pongo aquí.

No te preocupes que ya lo habíamos pensado y te mando dos cajas, una del Mercadona, que aunque es más normalito está bueno y otra de las monjas del Convento de San Clemente, dónde se supone que es la cuna del mazapán y que está buenísimo...

Un besote, mamá.

Esme said...

Hi darling!! I miss u T.T

I don't understand well what you say about the cards...
Good luck for the next speach! It's...tomorrow? If I remenber well...
And good luck for the castings of the new play too^^( you will come back turn in a true actress*-*)

I'll write you in the g-mail in the next days( tomorrow it's my mum b-day and I've to finish lots of projects in this week..) but I feel like write you here today..xD
By the way...I wait for we write to you to wite us, and we wait your mail to write you and coment it!:S
Did you do the paella at the end??

I don't remenber if I've already ask you for it..but, did you finish Brisingr yet? Do you like it? I've read some coments about it...
Could you finally go to see Crepusculo??*-* We're going this Friday..I think you konw it yet...xD youu!
Lots of kisses(K)
Be carefull! =)