Monday, April 20, 2009



10/08/1998 - 17/04/2009

I have always liked dogs. I played with them, ran after them, and had fun with them. There wasn't, however, any dog like MY dog. Peque has been with me for almost as long as I can remember. We've practically grown up together.

I know many people can think he was just an animal, but I also know that only those who have had dogs can trully understand what good companions they are. They love you inconditionally, as long as you can feed them (cocido or garbanzo beans ideally) and give them a little love. They don't care whether you hair doesn't look nice, or if your pants don't match your shirt. They will protect you from everything, even if the "intruder" is ten times bigger than them. They will lie by your side when you're in a bad mood and play with you when you feel happy.

As I have heard someplace, he who doesn't love can't get hurt. I think that sometimes it is worth the pain. I know I will always remember him as MY dog. I might feel a little better tomorrow, but he will always have a little space in my heart and memory.

We shouldn't have any regrets. Everybody has loved him and we tried to make him the happiest dog on Earth. Even Grandma, who never liked dogs, told me once that Peque was the only dog she had allowed to get near her and jump around her. I think you made the right decision, and now he can finally be free from his pain.

We love you, Peque!

P.S: I chose that picture because it is my favorite one. He's just laying on bed smiling after doing his croquette thing :)


Ana Isabel said...

Gracias cariño!!!

Te quiero,mamá....

Ana Isabel said...

Hola cariño!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cómo estás, espero que mejor....yo ya voy mejor también, aunque ´hay veces que me parece que va a aparecer al oir que estoy preparando algo en la cocina o que me va a pedir que le suba al sillón....poco a poco....

Te he puesto fotos nuevas en fotobucket en "Para Elena" y en "Familia"

Cuando las veas me dices, vale????

Me ha gustado mucho que hayas escrito algo para emocionó mucho cuando lo leí porque yo pienso lo mismo...por mail te mando un link para que veas lo que hice yo, ok???

Te quiero mucho, mamá...