Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3rd Month

I really can't believe it's already been 3 months since I'm here... It feels as if I had spent here many years and at the same time as I had spent only a couple of days.

The first event I'm going to mention is the election. The first African American president in history was elected, so I can say I've lived a historical moment!! (whoohoo!!) However, whether he's going to be a good president or not, we shall decide after a couple of months (and specially when he becomes the true president in January).

I think a lot changed this month. What I mean, things changed a lot inside myself. I think the fact that I'm getting enough sleep is significant (Thanks to Timmy, my onion!! :D). That has made me a lot calmer and I enjoy myself a lot more in general.

At school we received our first report card, and I was very proud, because I got an honor roll! It was also a weird month because except for last week we had at least one day off every week!!

We performed in our first play (and hopefully no tthe last, but I'm not sure if there are going to be more), and I can say it was a success. We met a lot of nice poeple in our rehearsals and even though we had to stay some days until 9, it was worthwhile.

I think it was a very interesting month, and maybe it's because we had so many holidays it went by so fast!! Anyway, I enjoyed it ;D

Today and yesterday I stayed after school to work on my ceiling tile. I drawing Princces Margarita, from Las Meninas. I think for being my first big artwork, it's coming out pretty well!! When it's finished I promise I'll take pictures. I'm very excited about it because it's something that's going to stay at school until the ceiling falls down, and I believe that won't happen in a long time. :D

I also excited about Thanksgiving, which is this Thusday. Tomorrow we have school until 11.25 and then on Thursday and Friday we don't have school. That's sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!! :D

Lots of love everybody, and take care!


Antonio said...

Querida hija,

Three months.... you are right, the time passes quick and slow at the same time. It is true what Einstein said, "everything is relative".

You enjoy it the tanksgiving (that day everybody has a good time, less to the turkeys).... and your you take him a picture to the turkey (curioso que la misma palabra signifique pavo, turco y... tonto, verdad?).

A million mols of kisses.

Ana Isabel said...

Bonjour ma cherie!!!!!!!!!!

Je suis très contente donc tu es hereusse.

Tu as raison, le temps passe très rapide, mais parfois il semble qu'il va lent.

Ma petite, je t'aime beaucoup. Je t'ecris dans le g-mail, à bientôt, maman.