Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Paella that couldn't be

I'm sorry to comunicate that the paella... I didn't even make it!!

In the end we were ordering our yearbooks and also doing some homework and it got so late that we didn't have time to fix it. I guess I'll do it this weekend instead, but I'm no sure because on Saturday we are going to Matthew's house because it's his birthday!! (cool!)

Anyway, I'm happy I'm still alive, however this might be my last week :P And on one hand I'd like that, because next week is going to be horrible!!

The play opens next Thursday,so we have rehearsals almost everyday (even on Saturday, from 9.30am till 4pm :O), and next week it's not going to be until 5 as we're used to (that wouldn't be that bad) but it's until 9!!! that is from 2.30 that school finishes until 9pm!!! :O I'm a bit angry because the teacher never paid any attention and now she's stressed and we have to stay for that long >:( (and if at least we had something to do!! but being extras the only thing we can do is take a book with us and wait :P)

Also next Monday there's another National Art Honor Society meeting, and I'm definitely going!! We have to paint a famous artwork in a ceiling tile, and I think I'm going ot do the Meninas. It's one of the most famous Spanish paintings, and I like it better than the Guernica ;D I saw the pictures of Sorolla, and I like them, but I think Velazquez is more famous.

By the way, I asked about the notebook computer. They told me that it's be better if I waited to be there because of the warranty. However, there are good prices now, you can get a normal one for around $300-400. Anyway, I don't really think i want it now, I'd rather if you saved the money :S

I'm glad they have received the letter already!! that was pretty soon, only a week ;D I haven't sent anything to Carlota yet, because I'm waiting to go to the beach and get some postcards. But don't worry, I don't forget about it!!

That's all folks!! I love you I love you!!


P.S. I uploaded the pictures of me dressed up as a monster :P


Ana Isabel said...

Bonjour ma petite!!!!!!!!

Es-tu bien? j'espere que oui.

Papa et moi sommes en train de faire le repas parce que aujourd'hui Gaby, Luisa, Santos et Alejandran viennent manger.

Je fairai des photos et je te les envoie àpres.

Je t'aime beaucoupo, ma cherie, à bientôt, mama.

Ana Isabel said...

Bonjour ma cherie?

Es-tu bien?

Je t'ecris cette parce que je veux te dire que je désire que tu aies une bonne semaine.

Je t'aime beaucoup, ma petite. Au revoir, maman.