Friday, January 2, 2009

All good things come to an end

And holidays seem to end even faster than other things.

Last night I couldn't sleep until 1.30/2 I think it's because that's the time I was used to go to bed during the holidays (if not at 3 and at times even at 4 :P), however this morning I wasn't especially tired, I was feeling ok. (Tonight I'll sleep tight, though :P)

My first block was history, and I kind of spent it reading the golden compass. No that I'm not interested in the Underground Railroad and the causes of the Civil War, but the teacher keeps saying the same things over and over, so when I had a free minute, I read.

Then I had Math. I thought I had forgotten everything, but as soon as I started doing my problems, I remembered it all. The same thing with Chemistry. In Art everything was fine, that's a cool class ;D

I just wanted to say that I'm still alive after my first day of school after the holidays. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my mock trial group. Not that I feel like staying, but I signed up for it and I can't say no now!!

By the way, happy 6th of January. I hope los reyes will bring you a lot of gifts!! ;D



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Ana Isabel said...

Hola cariño, tienes razón, hay todo lo que empieza acaba, pero hay algunas cosas que parece que acaban antes que otras...pero qué se le va a hacer.
No es tan terrible empezar de nuevo el cole, además, haciéndolo tan bien como lo estás haciendo.

Los Reyes por aquí no han pasado. Ya nos dimos todo lo del amigo invisible el día de Nochevieja y a mí papá me hizo todos los regalos el día de mi cumple, que no fueron pocos.

Bueno cariño, un beso muy fuerte y mucho ánimo para este nuevo comienzo que seguro que va a ser tan bueno como el anterior.

Besos, te quiero mucho, mamá.