Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I suddenly like Barack Obama. why?? It is a simple reson. Thanks to him we got a day off from school yesterday!!

The school system said it was because of the weather (there was a possibility that it would snow), however Mom and UBie believe it is because of the inaugural address. I believe that too. I felt so lucky!! I really wanted to watch the inaugural address (I'm here only for one year, it's the year of the election and it's a historic election... I HAD TO see it!!), so that's what I did from 10.30 until 1. (well, I was drawing at the same time, but that doesn't count, I'm a woman and can do 2 things at the same time).

I still don't know what is goin gto happen, and it's too early to judge the new President, but there's one thing that I don't quite like. I know the United States is currently the richest and most influential country in the world. However, do we have the right to think that everything in Spain will be sorted out just because Obama became the president? I think that Spanish affairs should be managed by the Spanish government. Probably the crisis was unavoidable, all markets are connected to wall street, but maybe if we hadn't denied it, we could've done something so that it hadn't become that horrible.

But enough about politics (If I had knowledge enough I could talk about it for days :P). So today was a day of confusion. Nobody knew if it was a B day as scheduled or an A day to make up for yesterday. Rose and I were lucky and got it right, it was a B day :P

As soon as I came home, Mom was leaving to renew her drivers license. It wa sfunny because right when she left I remembered that i had to call Grandpa and after she had closed the garage door and started up the car I ran outside to let her know. hahaha it was actually funny!! (I had no shoes on, my slippers in my hand, running towards the car... "MOOOOOM" :P)

I had a great time talking to them all!! And even Victor was there, so it was a coincidence hahaha!! But anyway, I preferred to call today even though the birthday is tomorrow (yes, I saw the message, mom) because I really felt like talking to them, and I was so excited it was today that I couldn't wait!!! :D

Soooo that's all!! Right now I was practicing some calligraphy (they bought me a kit for my birthday). Some day I'll write letters to all of you!! :P




Antonio said...

¡¡¡Que envidia!!!

¡¡¡Ser capaz de hacer dos cosas a la vez!!!

Un besote muy gordo

Ana Isabel said...

Hola cariño!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cómo va la semana?

Espero que bien, que los exámenes hayan salido OK. Ya nos contarás el fin de semana.
Por cierto, esta semana, si puedes, llama el sábado porque papá trabaja el domingo, vale? Si no puede ser, pues hablas conmigo.

Bueno cariño, hablamos. Te quiero, mamá.

Ana Isabel said...

Hola cariño!!!

Se me ha olvidado decirte que he comprado el sirope de arce hace una semana en el Corte Inglés porque hice la tarta de calabaza y me ha gustado mucho.

Ya sabes, cuando vengas tenemos que hacer las tortitas con el sirope de Arce y darnos una buena merendola, ja, ja,ja....

Te quiero mucho, mamá.