Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Elegance of the Hedgehog

Hey everybody!

How are you doing? I have many things to tell, so let's get down to bussines! :)

First things first, I want to talk abou the Elegance of the Hedgehog. I finished it on Monday and oh my gosh... Now I understand why our Spanish teacher said that you laugh at the beginning and cry at the end. If you are feeling sad for something, don't read it! I really felt bad, but it's an awesome book. No one of the best of the world, but very easy to read and understand, in spite of all the philosophical comments ;)

OK now, after I wrote my last entry, Anushka's cousin came to introduce us to her wife (apparently he got married in August in India, where he met her). She hardly spoke English, and has a Law degree, but cannot work here basically because of the language. That's a pity! so I hope when she gets better she'll be able to work as a lawyer

Then, on Monday, I felt very badly. I didn't sleep very well, woke up at 2 and couldn't sleep again until 3 or so, and the dreams didn't help a lot (I can't remember what I dreamt that night, buuuut I kno I didn't like it). Then we had to get the bus but we missed it! So we had to wake Mom up (although she had been in bed only for an hour :P), and she wasn't very happy, but told us not to worry anyway.

Also on Monday the auditions for the drama club were held.... well, it was horrible! :O They gave us a monologue to memorise and we had to perform it in two different ways, and after that with a random partner (but I was lucky and went with Rose :D) perform a scene. I had to play the role of a little girl in the dentist and she was the dentist. we didn't know what to do, because we have accent and are not as fluent in english as we'd like to be, so we played a mime act :P Then we went home and I felt so.... I don't know how to say it, but that made me make a decision.

I decided that I couldn't be sad anymore. I'm not here to feel like crying everyday and keep worrying about Mom and Dad in Spain (yes, I already told you, I worry about you!! :O). This might sound selfish, I know it, but I feel like I'm abandoning you and leaving you alone and helpless. That's why Yesterday I sat down with Mom and talked to her. She made me realize that you don't want me to be sad, and that a parent's goal is to raise their children so that they can live by themselves and become independant. It's always hard for both parts, but eventually we'll learn to get over it, and getting mature and independant doesn't mean that I love you less or that I'm abandoning you.

Sooo I really felt better, I cried for a while, let it all out and then started smiling again. I've realized that being here is the best thing that could have happened to me. As Jewish people have the bar mitzvah, I have my year in America to help me growing up and mature. Somehow, I know this is the right thing both for you, Mom and Dad, and for me, although it's a bit difficult now :) (You know the saying, "tras la tormenta viene la calma")

After our little chat, we went to Barnes and Nobles! It's a book store with a Sturbucks in it, and I just love it. There are sooo many books and you can pick them up and read them while you have a coffee and then decide wheter you want to buy them or not. I already want some of them that I'll buy in October, when I can use more money!! :P (I know videogames are a bad habit, Dad but it's just once in a year so that I have something to do besides reading, drawing and watching TV!). I had a wonderful time there, and also with Rose. Now we're starting to know each other better, and that's good.

Then it was late (around 8.30) so Mom didn;t have much time to make dinner, so we bought some hamburgers from Wendy's, which are good for us :P (and at least they taste good as well!)

And today I woke up with my batteries charged! (literally, because I'm very tired :P) We didn't miss the bus like on Monday (and hopefully won't be able to miss it again, because UBie's already here! :D), but they had an emergency drill!! :O They made us get down through the back door and then get on again... Anyway, it was a new experience indeed :P

Also in the lunch break I had to buy some goggles for Chemistry, and afterwards couldn;t find Rose, so I was going to my Chemistry class when I saw the list for the play this fall.... and I just culdn;t believe it!!! I'M IN THE PLAY!!! :D And Rose is too! We have non-speaking parts (also known as extras :P) but it's better than nothing! Since Adka (5 years ago) we're the only ones who've made it, so it's something to be proud of!

Also this afternoon we went to the Beach for the first time! :D (I uploaded some pictures!) It was sooo windy, but we didn't mind! I had a lot of fun :D Somethings are like in Spain, but some other things are not. For example here there aren't as many apartment buildings as in Spain, they rent houses instead! and in the first row there are big buildings, but they're only hotels, then in the 2nd row are the shops which are small buildings. It's very curious, next time I'll try and take pictures of them ;)

And then... Here I am! That's all! I'm going to read a bit of the Scarlet Letter (Now it's getting boring :/) and that's it. Tomorrow at 6 we have a Karaoke arranged by the Drama club. Of course we're going! :P

Dad, thank you for the music! ;) Take care, both of you! :) Loooove you!

And girls!! When Saturday comes I want to see in my mailbox an email from every and each of you telling me how your first week was! :P Esme, if you see Marisa tell her that I'm in the drama club, please!!

Lots of love everybody! Be careful, take care, blah, blah, blah!



pilarin!!!! said...

Hola!! que tal? bueno nena nosotros aqui muy bien.

Bueno nena te voy a empezar a contar todo lo que as pedido.
Yo como bien ya sabes estoy en sociales, voy con
Mª Elia, Victor, mmm y asi mas q tu cnozcas nose
Mi tutora es una nueva que tiene un psado oscuro (antes era un tio luego se convirtio a xica y se la a olvidado afeitarse la barbilla jaja) Filosofia me lo da ISABEL!! ( mi tutora del año psao)q way, lengua me lo iba a ver dado MARISA ! (a por cirto me a dado recuerdos para ti)pero lugo me lo da otra pava, EF me lo da CARLOS, Historia ANDRES, economia LAURA Mates ANTONNIO informatica la del año pasado y.... creo q asi pos ya no ay ninguna jaja
Me lo paso muy bien en clase aun que es un poco lioso todo porque LENGUA, INGLES y FILOSOFIA se dan las tres juntas por lo q an exo tres grupos y cada grupo da una y es bastante lioso pero bueno jaja

En las festas me lo he pasado super bien estoy u poco ronca aunque ya no es nada y aora mismo no se que mas contarte xq cmo me tngo q ir te lo stoy cntando todo rapido y no puede ser asi q ya sta noxe te cuento todo cn mas detenimiento

TQ mucho besillos!!!



PS: No te preocupes eso es lo que suele pasar pero vamos que seguro que te terminas acostumbrando y si eso me voy yo para EEUU y te esplico lo que no entiendas jaja
era por darle un poquillo de umor a la cosa jaja tq mucho . Ya le dare recuerdos a MARISA de tu parte


Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling! Are you fine?

We are all right. Tomorrow we will go to Madrid because dad he will go to "Militaria", remember you?

I go to shopping but I think I don't will buy anything.

I write you tomorrow.

I love you very much. X X X, Mom