Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here I am again!! :O

Hi there!!

I am so happy that you lef tso many comments :P and that you tried to write in English!! (except for you Pilar >_>)

I added more pictures, although there are more that were taken with UBie's camera that he hasn't been able yo upload to this computer yet because this week he has a presentation to give (actually, tomorrow :P) and has been busy working on it sooo I didn't want to be very annoying!

He's leaving this evenings, after dinner, and coming back on friday afternoon. I think he said it's in Richmond, I can't remember! :O

Nooow I'll talk about my weekend. Williamsburg was amazing! It's very different from what I'd seen so far, I mean, in Europe they won't set up a whole village so that you can feel as if you were in the 16th century. Only actors live there, and it is like they're working 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!

I could've enjoyed myself more, but it was a hard day for me. Sunday was too. I know it's going to take time until I get used to this new life, but I can't help feeling stupid for not being able to just forget about Spain!! At least it's not like in the camps (I'm not crying in the corners and begging for you to take me back home :P) I know, and have many living proofs (Jofi, Friede adn adka) that this is the best for me, and I'm going to learn not only English, Chemistry and Biology (this last one I'm not so sure :P I'll talk about it later), but also how to get stronger, more mature and independant.

On Monday I didn't want to go to school. I'm not very cheerful at 6;00 in the morning (actually I get ready very quickly, so UBie lets me stay in bed until 6:15) and I usually have those dreams that won't let me rest properly! And I don't feel like taking a nap, so I just get by. I had a Geography quiz and today he gave it back and I scored a 100 :P (right now everything's easy!).

You have to know that here we have quizzes almost everyday, which is good because it makes you study everyday, instead of a lot in the last minute for the test. The quizzes I've taken so far have more or les 10 or 20 questions. Fill the blanks, match, multiple choice.....easy stuff!! The tests... I'm not sure yet. I think it depends on the teacher and the subject. Next week I have all my first tests, so I'll let you know. I asked my history teacher and he told me that we only have to study te notes he gives us, not from the book (and we almost didn't take any notes!! :O). If everything's going to be like history, I'm afraid next year is going to be complicated!! But I think the experience will be worth it.

Yesterday I learned that in my Math class there's another Spanish girl!! :O Not an exchange student, but a NATO girl :P She's been living here for 4 years. I got to know that she was spanish because my teacher told me to help her because she didn't understand something (which she did, it was the girls by her side who didn't understand). It's good to know that there's someone from spain, but I told her that it'd be best if we could speak in English, so we did. I want to be nice to her, but I don't want them to be my only friends (coming to the States and going with Spanish people.... bad thing!! :O).

About friends... Actually, I talk to many people, specially in Public speaking and Art (becaus ewe have more 'freedom'). Getting to know people won't be hard, making true friends will!! And that;s what Karen meant when she told me that probably I won't make friends out of school. I've learned no to care very much. After all I have them, and I also have Rose. It's just that I felt a bit lonely at first.

Now, today! Tpday I came to the conclusion that this might be a wasted year, talking about Biology. It's an 'easy' class, and all the lazy kids take it. So just imagine a mixture of bad kids and a teacher who can't keep them under control. What do you get? My Biology class!! :D She goes at a very slow pace, and we keep doing activities that I think are useless, and we spend more time pasting sheets on our notebooks that taking new things. Jofi had the same teacher last year and complained, too, but she didn't mind.

I talked to Karen a while ago, and she's going to talk to the counselor and see if there's any other Biology class at that period (which there is, because I've seen it :P and they might be lazy people, but what I've seen is that they were on their seats and quiet, and the teachir explaining) and change me. even though I know there are, it's not 100% sure that the councelor wants to change me, because my reason is not a good reason. Anyway, if it turns out that it can't be changed, I'll just have to bear with it and work harder next year. I;d love to drop the class and take Study Hall, but even though I;m not learning new things I can learn vocabulary.

That's pretty much everything, for now. I should study a bit now, so I don't have to do it later when I don't feel like doing it :P

Lots of kisses, I love you! :)


p.s: (I always forget something :P) I bought 'The Elegance of the Hedgehog'. It's a book I've wanted to read for a long time, and when I saw it I couldn't hel buying it!!! :D I'm starting it today, when I finish my 2 daily chapters from the Scarlet Letter (We have to read it for school).


Ana Isabel said...

Good morning my darling! How are you? I hope you are fine.

I'm sorry that you can't leave this class of Biologie.

I write you Spanish in the g-mail because I can write all that I want to say you in English.

I love you a lot, Mom XXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hola Elenaaa!

¿Qué tal? Espero que muy bien!
Aquí todo sigue igual sin ningún cambio importante ( De todas formas ya te escribire luego en el tuenti ;) ).
Tu traquila que con un poco más de esfuerzo sacas cualquier asignatura :P
Y en cuanto a los amigos, todavía es algo pronto, seguro que dentro de nada nos escribes diciendo que ya tienes un grupito de amigos :PP

Bueno cariñuu mio, luego te escribo.
Besos, Celia.

Esme said...

Ey baby!!!

How r you?? I've write to you "someting" in tuenti, have you already read it?

Ooh,I want read that book too!!, you've to tell me if it is good ok?u.u

Something new...yesterdays I was chatting with Alvaro(fin de curso xD)He sends to you greetings^^

Good luck for your biology class, if in the next year you need help... we should look for a teacher :P hehe

I don't if you're receiving my mails...

I hope the dreams will disspear soon and you can rest well in the night

Well little love^^,
a lot of kisses and hugges!!


miguel_el malsonante said...

Wenas Wenas Wenas Wenas
T acuerdas de mi?
soi tu kerido primo el k t gorronea el orde y la Wiiii¡
k tal por alli espero t lo pases bien k no es barato ninia y k aprendas.
Da recuerdos de mi por alli en el otro lado del atlantico ( SE GEOGRAFIA k pasa¡)
una cosita mas prima t keria pedir los sims para instalarlos aki en mi casa ''ya k tu no estas'' :P
Tanbien kiero k sepas k tratare de escribir tos los dias y espero k t esfuerces en leer k pa eso gasto energia de dedo.
Bueno al tema k t lo pases genial¡
Bye Bye.
Miguel Martin Garc¡a 22-9-08
POSDATA:¡Ya se k tengo faltas de ortografia pero cuando me e dado cuenta ya estaba en el salud y me daba pereza canviarlas... en fin yo soi asi...