Friday, September 26, 2008

1st Month

Well, now it's been a month since I'm here. I've decided that every month I'm going to make a special post evaluating how it was and summarizing what I did ;)

The first month is the most difficult one. Everything is new and in the beggining that's cool, but then you realize that you really are going to spend a whole year here. Once you accept it it's a lot easier to go on.

Many things have happened: Mom's niece (Krista) came twice, it was Chris's birthday, Matt went to Europe to visit Elsa, Adka came and we went to Williamsburg and then UBie's stepmother died and he had to go to Ohio. Not a very typical month, regarding Mom, but sure it was exciting!

School started and I got to meet all my teachers and classmates. Some are better than others, but every of them acceptable and bearable. Specially in Art class and Public Speaking I talk to many of the kids. One thing that bothers me is that children here speak very lowly, so mostof the times it's not that I don't understand it but I can't hear them!!

I also tried many clubs and made it for the Fall play and had the anime club first meeting today. I like poeple in Drama club, they're nice and there's one girl from my P. Speaking class that I like veeeery much. In the Anime club everything is insane. Seriously. No kidding at all!! I'm a bit afraid, but I've decided that before judging and because today was the 'presentation' day and didn't watch ani anime at all I'm going to give it another chance and then decide whether I like and keep on going or not.

Next month I want to try the art club (1st meeting on the 6th of October) and the Pilates club (not a clue when 1st meeting will be)

So far I'm doing well with my grades, although it could be better. Since here everything is kind of easier compared to Spain (tests are basically matching or multiple choices) I have made the promise to try my best so my average will be an A and therefore when I go to Spain it'll be something like a 10 ;)

I have read 4 books (Breaking Dawn, Dating Game, The Elegance of the Hedgehog and Cindy Ella) and am reading other 2 (The Scarlet Letter and Dreamland). Most of those books are Gul's but she's very nice and lends them to me! :D

Finally, I went through some very difficult moments missing Spain, family and friends(and food) but succesfully got over them (go, Elena, go!). The path to maturity and independence is right in front of me and I seem to be going the right way.

Now a new month is starting and ther will be many new experiences that I'll share with you as often as I can! :)


Antonio said...



Go, Elena, go, that they are few and cowards.

Un besote muy fuerte


Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling! How are you?

I can to say you "go Elena, go" and I'm very, very, very proud of you.

I know that my post before this one it have a lot of mistake, I'm sorry.

I wait to be able to write better little by little because I have found a translator that easy to handle.

I love you very much.Many kisses, mom.

Anonymous said...

HI girrrrrl!!!!!!
how are you!!!
thats the first time I write you, I know you posted the first comment very long time ago, I wanted to post you something earlier but couldn´t do it before =( , I hope you don´t mind, any way I remember you almost every day =)

Now I´m very happy because I´m gonna start my lessons on monday again!!! YESSS!! Im so happy! Im gonna study philosophy too =) I love philos and Im crazy to start!!!

well now there´s no many new things to tell, you know, on summer everything is quite quiet, at least on september, that my mom and Miguel had started the school.
The only thing to tell is that I was thinking about going to see "bodies", the exposition about real human bodies (obvious XD!)
execept that every thing is like always

I was in Madrid the hole last week and I was to see Bea to the hospital =) I saw your mom too. Bea felt a little sick but now she´s at home again (in Yuncler) and I think she´s almost well. By the way, you know she have boyfriend!!!!! When she told me that I couldn´t believe it!!! O.O!!!

I saw some photos of your bucket, I want to be there!!!!!! it seems that you are having a good time! cool!

well I dont want to write too much because Im gonna bored you! HAHA maybe tonight I´ll write you something else, but for the moment I think it´s OK =)
I hope you have lots of fun and make lots of friends because the time you are gonna spend ther are gonna be unforgetable, have that for sure!!!


love you

Antonio said...

Hola Hija,

Ya funciona la tarjeta del telefono. Ha sido un fallo temporal.
Un beso

Esme said...

Hi darling!!

How r u??

I want say you something that has happened today at the high school.
The problem of e.f project is already solved:D
And.. the teachers've give us two good news, the first, Marisa have come to the class and told us that we're going to do a play again this year !! All classes of bachillerato will participate:we:
That's not important for you, I know -.- but I need to tell that to you that.

I remember you when someone speak about a play, and in yuncler is going to have a festival os theatre, there will be 5 plays I think^-^

And the second new is...that perhaps I could go on a exchange!

It's a project do with diferents countries(Spain, Turkey,Italy, Polonia, Finland(I'm not sure of all the countries) well, we must do a project and we can travel for free to a country:O
The first travel will be at November to Polonia, and then, people os each country will come to Spain, to student's houses!!

Its look great! I've speak with my mother, and she didn0t say nothing, but is not a no hehe
(la esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde no?) xD

Sorry for all the mistakes>.<
I love you!!
Lots of kisses(K)


Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!

Haw are you?

I write to tell you that I have finish the class to Madrid.

Tomorrow I'm going to work but I'm happy because Lola she will not be there, je,je,je.....

I'll write to you again in g-mail.

I love you, mom.

pilarin!!!! said...

Hola nena!!!
al final no te pude escribir el sms , no me a ido bien este mes el internet.
Le e contado a
Marisa lo q djistes y ma dxo q te dga q le das mucha ennvidia este año VAMOS hacer d romanos (me voy a puntar!!!) jaja
Este año en el insti ay una actividad muy interesante (seguro que a ti te gstara muchisimo y dura dos años)
Vamos hacer actividades para ponernos en contacto por el msn y de vez en cuando van a ir de viaje o a Polonia, Turquia, Nruega e Italia!!
vamos a poder ablar con todos ellos y vamos a ir a todos esos paises nosotras no vamos a ir ninguna pro lo mjor es que cuando tu ya estes aqui van a venir los Italianos. e preguntado para ver si tu cuando vuelvas y estes interesada te puedas apuntar y man dicho que si porque esto dura dos años va ser una actividad muy interesante porque aunque no nos vallmos ni traigamos gente a casa pero podremos hablar con todos, conoceremos gente y aprenderemos muchisimo ingles (no como tu pero algo es algo jaja) y si alguien se trae alguno con el que nosotras hubieramos ablado antes y nos caiga bien pues nos podriamos ir un dia a pasarlo con ellos mola muchisimo aqui van a venir en febrero de este año. lo malo de esto que a mi no me dejan ir ( ya que tenia una oportunidad para salir de ESPAÑA me parece que tendra que ser otra vez que fastidio pro bueno)jaja
wno nena y tu que te cuentaS?????

Ayer estuve ablando con tu papi tu mami estaba trabajando y ya ma contado que se van d viaje que way tu mami se lo va a pasar geial aunq tu papi tnga q trabjar jaja

Todo lo que estoy dando este año en el insti me va pareciend super facil y Alba (la q lio eso en fin d curso) no entiend nada bien empleado le esta por aberme dixo q yo no se porq me abia metido el año psad en ese curso q era muy dificil para mi ( me llmo tonta a la cara) y ella aora esta en el facil y no entiend nada y yo si. JAJAJA!!

Me lo pso super bien con el profesor d mates porq narie entiend nad d lo q stamos dand y el y yo nos ponemos ablar d ello xq yo si lo entiendo y es super gracioso jaja

Wno nena q te djo ya te cntare mas. Escribe cuand puedas y ya sabes muchisimo ANIMO te mando desde ESPAÑA
Bye! muchos besos y recuerdos d my house.