Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spore and Nadal!


How's everyone? I'm fine, my weekend was relaxing and pretty normal. Well, 'normal'

I think I already told you that UBie's stepmother died on Thursday, right? They just found her laying on the floor at her house. So, UBie's brother came yesterday and had dinner with us (that's why we couldn't go to the movies in the end) and they left early in the morning.

Anyway, let's start with Friday. On Friday I was happy because it was the beggining of the weekend! (yeah, I don't like getting up at 6 and not being able to stay up later than 10 without passing out :O Besides, I don;t like mornings. I always feel sad. It gets better as the day goes by, though ;)). In the afternoon we went to see the Blue Angels (That;s a group of planes of the navy that do fancy things in the air) Guess what, in the end we didn't get to see them!! We stayed there for almost 2 hours and saw many other little planes, but not the cool ones!! Anyway, I had a great time with Mom and Rose.

With Rose I don;t talk very much yet, because her English is not very good, but little by little it'll get better. That's why right now I spend most of my time with Mom (she talks all the time, and that's cool for me).

Then after waiting for the planes, we went to the drugstore. I bought some nail files and french manicure nail polish. It has a mistake proof white brush, and it works for me :p

Yesterday (saturday) I woke up and just sat with UBie in the living room, watching I Love Lucy. That;s what we do on weekends, we are the ones who get up early (at 10, sometimes earlier) and since I discovered that show, is what we do. If you get a chance, you should watch it!! It;s in black and white, and it's about an american woman married to a cuban guy (Ricky Ricardo) and she always gets in trouble when she tries to get what she wants and all that. Very funny, really! I think it's the best show I've seen since I'm here ;) (American TV sucks almost all day long)

Then in the afternoon Mom's niece came over with her boyfriend. He's in the navy and therefore he works here, so after a holiday in New York with her, she came with him for some days. Krista is a very nice girl, I like her :)

After that Jim, UBie's brother came over. He's very tall, that;s the only thing he has in common with UBie. I don't see anything lese in their faces or even their personality. While UBie is easy going (although sometimes reserved) and funny, Jim looked very serious. Matt also came, because he hadn't seen Jim since he was a child (Yes, almost 20 years ago...)

Families here are not like in Spain. I's say that every kid leaves home at 18 to go to college, and many of them go far away, so they only see their parents a few times a year. After that, they just have their own lives, and brothers don;t have such a strong relationship as Spaniards do, so if they live in different states, chances are that they'll only see each other 4 or 5 times in their lives. Now I'm happy I'm Spanish!! :P

We played Jenga (a japanese game in which you have to build a tower) for a while and then I just fell asleep on the coach. I was veeery tired.

Today I got up later than usual (at 11, wow! :P)and watched Nadal's game. Of course he won! hehehe (That's why his picture!) Right away I could say that it was Spain. The public is very different from what I see here, more... spanish :P (that is more shouting, more singing and all those "oe, oe oe oe") I'm happy that he won, I think he's going to win the cup!
Then in the afternoon adn after studying (Chemistry test tomorrow) we went to the mall. I saw many cute shirts and clothes but... I had something in mind for the 50 euros I had left this month... It's called Spore!
It's a videogame in which you create your own little creature and help it grow into a community, then a city, etc, etc. I really need something to entertein myself apart from drawing and reading, so I thought it was a good idea since I already had my eye on this game and here I can;t download it. So this month I din't buy any clothes, but I bought a videogame!! Yay!! :D However, October's close so I won't have to wait long before I can buy some of the things I've seen ;)
Now I want tot alk abou the books I'm reading. The Elegance of the Hedgehog is just amazing! I'm enjoying it very much. It's very philosophical, but at the same time, funny and easy to read (even in English)... Very Elena, so to speak :P I recommend it to you.
The Scarlet Letter is a bit harder to understand, it's written in ancient English, but it's ok. It's a bit slow, and I'm afraid it won't have much action, but you get a clear idea of how puritans lived at the time (around the 17th century).
I've already seen some books I want to buy next month! One of them is Brisingr, the third book of the Eragon series (I'm afraid the title doesn't start with an E!!), and the other one is Anna Karenina. This last one is huge, and maybe my English is not very good at the moment, but for 8 dollars I'm so buying it! :P
Now I'm going to install my new super game! :D in 10 minutes the new season of the Simpsons will start, and hopefully I'll be able to find the channel among all the one that they have!
By the way, I'm so happy Bea's surgery went ok... I hope it won't hurt very much, so as soon as you're ok and at home, please let me know!!
Love everyone, take care!
p.s. I tried to install the game... and can't until UBie is here and with his almighty administrator account allows me to do it! O man :O The good new is that I found the Fox channel :)


Antonio said...

Hi my daughter,

I am happy that everything goes normal.
Mama and I have seen your video and we are happy of hearing laugh. It seemed that you were in the home.
Buy video games is a very expensive bad habit. Don't get used, jejeje.
A kiss for all.

Antonio said...

Por cierto,

sustituye las primeras xx del enlace por htt
Primer archivo de Jonas Brown:


Para borrarlo, una vez descargado


Otro beso

Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!

Are you see? Nadal is the winner and I think because I say all the time "vamos Rafa, vamos", ja, ja,ja.....

I'm happy to see the video because you are very happy too.

Bea is very good after the week end. It's problably she leaves the hospital next wednesday or Thursday, I think.

I write you again spanish at the g-mail.

I'm sorry the mistakes,my darling, I love you a lot, XXXXX, Mom.

Antonio said...
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Antonio said...
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Antonio said...

Cris Brown
Sustituye las primeras xxx por htt


Borrado, una vez descargado

Te mando los cogigos , tambien via email.

Un besote

Esme said...

Ey little darling!!

How are you?? Here, we've already started the classes, that's not as bad as I though it will be hehe.
I'll tell you then in a mail everything better^^
How are the yours? You've done some test(no quizzes)I think.., how that it was?

I've looked some photos of "Spore" and its looks very interesting, but it's not like "Black&White"?

Brisingr...(por fiin*¬*)I've forgot almost everything about the other books-.-'

Well, I don't entertain you more xD
Lots of kisses love
Be happy my friend^-^
Don't forget us hehe