Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy, busy week!!!

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry I've not written in this whole week... the case is... I was really busy!!! :P First of allI want to answer to the comments in the previous post.

Lucia, thank you fro writing!! really, it made me very happy to hear from you!

Mom and Dad... Thank you for keeping me filled in! Good to know all the things that are going on! Have fun in Linares ;) (I still don't know when you are going :P). I hope nex week there won;t be any problems with the phone card, so that you can tell me everything hehe! Take a lot of picures!

My girls.... EVERYTHING IS SOOO COOL!! :P It had to be the year that I'm not there, but anyway I'm happy for you! (And I'm not worrying a lot because you said that maybe next year I can do that exchange student thing hehehe...) Please, email me and explain me everything in detail!! The play also seems interesting, I bet you're going to have a lot of fun ;)

On Wednesday it was the first rehearsal for drama club. I have to say that this is very different from our little plays in Villaluenga. I will only tell you that the script has around 70 pages. And it'll be performed in November... Not bad, huh? We took a whole year to get to perform only 10 pages! I'm glad I'm just an extra, so I don;t have to study all that bunch of lines hehe. Basically what we did is read the script. The kids with speaking roles are totally awesome, without a single rehearsal they just got the right entonation :O

It was Open House, too. That is the day on which parents go to the high school and see every teacher and listen to thei class expectations. Not every kid goes, but Mom and UBie wanted us to go, so we went. UBie went with Rose and Mom went with me. It was kind of funny because they know almost every teacher, so when they find out that I'm staing with the Reeds, they start remembering all the other kids that they've had :P Then that night they have a stand where they sell sweatshirts, and you can decorate them with Princess Anne stickers. I have mine yay!! I'll take pictures of it this weekend, I just love it. (I'm wearing it right now)

Then yesterday I had to finish an essay for English. I though I had finished it, but nooo!! I started it over again, because I didn't like it. It was an essay about The Crucible, a play we've read in class. Probably it would've been difficult in Spanish too. I had to write a sketch on any character, and I chose Reverend John Hale (not that you mind, but well, I just felt like saying it :P). The problem is that I'm good at writing normal essays on a topic, but when it comes to making points, proving them and then explaining I get lost. Aaaanyway, this year will help me to get better at it too! ;)

Today.... is finally Friday!! probably my favourite day of the week! Today I had a Biology quiz, and a vocabulary quiz in Public Speaking. I think I did great in those, as I've already said, for a Spanish student this kind of tests might be really easy. Guess next year I'll have to get used to our exams again! :P But this year is totally worthwhile.

When I came home and finished my homework (or half of it ;P) I saw something very curious on TV.... In the food channel.... They were making Pallella! (yes, Pallella... they can't say Paella :DD). It was a "Chicken and Sausage Paella". At first I was thinking "Well, I don';t know of any paella with sausages, besides, sausages aren't spanish!!" but then... she said it!! it was a chorizo sausage!! :D Not that we use it in paella (yuck >xP) but at least it was Spanish. So I;ve come to the conclusion that I need to show these people what a true paella is!! Maybe next weekend I'll try and make one so please, Mom!! Could you send me the recipe? :D I'd appreciate it so much!

After that I went out for a while and played tennis with Joey, and I got so tired that I said "Well, I'm going to write in my blog!" hehehe! I'm waiting for Mom to come, so that we can go to Hallmark because I want to buy some things there (I'll tell you next day what it is).

Tonight Chris and Anushka are coming! :D I can finally get to meet Anushka, I'm sooo glad! ;)

I love you all!! May the force be with you ;)



Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!

I'm happy that you are all rigth this week.

I believe that you are better than last weeks, and of course, I could send you the recipe of the paella because you are rigth, you need to send this people what is the spanish paella, but I send you for g-mail, for me it's easier to do it in the g-mail.

Tomorrow dad and I go away to Linares. Already we will tell you, because I take the portable computer to myself.

I love you very much, a lot of kiss, mom.

Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!

Dad and me are in Linares a village of Jaen.

It's very enough and dad don't like it. He'e protesting very much.

I don't like it too, but I try to enjoy of the trip.

I think that today I'm going to be going to visit Cordoba, which is an hour in car. I don't know.

I say it to you later.

I love you very much. Lot of kiss....XXXXXX. Mom.