Sunday, October 26, 2008

2nd Month

It's already been 2 months since I'm here... Wow! i can't believe time passed so fast, yet slowly at the same time.

This month I've gotten used to my new life, and I can say that, although it took me a while, everything's okay now.

Everyday I learn something new about English, other people and even myself.

One of the things that I've discovered is that I just take thing too seriously. I mean, it's ok if I worry about good grades and things like that, but not to the point that I get mad at myself when I get a B instead of an A.

Another thing that I hadn't notice before is how nervous I am!! I just noticed when Mom told me that I was just chewing gum at 100 miles per second. She knows about body language (I'm reading a book about it too), and she told me that it was a sign of being nervous, and that it wasn't the only thing I did. Sooo I thought about it and yes, I was getting nervous about everything and sometimes without a reason!! So I'm learning to take things a little bit easier, without goofing around, but not taking them as seriously if I don't have to.

And so far, it's worked! I study, I do my homework, I do well at school and without stress :D

I'm also considering a lot of new things about what I want to study, and why. I don't have an answer yet, because there are many things I really like, but hopefully this year will help me.

This month I've only read one book (and I'm not finished yet) which is Brisingr. I don't know why, but I'm reading it rather slowly, it's not as exciting as I first thought. I'm working on a lot of drawings, which is good, and I'm going to work on different crafts (such as craving pumpkins ;D).

My only objectives for next month will be finding more intesting books, keeping up the good grades (that includes not losing more textbooks) and working a bit more in knowing myself. I really want to improve my self-esteem and try not to be so hard on myself. After all, nobody's perfect, and that's a lesson I have to learn!


Antonio said...

Hi Elena,

Very good evaluation.

Positive, always positive.

A milllion mol of kiss


Antonio said...

Hi my darling!

I'm very prouf.............I talk about you everybody........

Today I'm going to class of french and it has been very difficult.

Mamadou already is not and there gives me lessons a teacher who is called Mercedes that is the chef of studies.

I writte you again.

I love you, a lots of kisses, mom.