Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hey everyone!

This week's been pretty normal. Now the routine is starting to begin. Actually, that's good, because it is now when we're going to be able to get used to being here (which Rose and I pretty much are by now)

On Wednesday something happened. I was really scared :P Here I am in my Art class, and then one of the kids that work in the seccurity desk comes looking for me, because I had to go to the clinic. The teacher was as surprised as I was (I wasn't sick at all!! :O). So I go to the clinic, and it turned out to be a simple check because I'm new in the city :D They checked my eyes, my ears, measured me and all that. Pretty cool stuff!

Then on Thursday things got a little worse... a lot worse, let's say :S At first the day was awesome, i got a B in an English test, but then, in Public Speaking... I got an E and detetion!! :O Yes, me, detention, next Friday after school. Why? because I'd forgotten my book!! :( In the morning I looked for it at home, and it wasn;t there so I guessed it'd be in my locker. Nope, it wasn;t there either. Then when I got home after school I looked for it again and Oops... not here! So yeah, I've lost the book and I have to pay for it :S ($52).

The thing that bothers me most is that I got an E, because she often makes us take notes from the book and then gives us a quiz on that, and lets us see the notes. No book, no notes, not a clue of what the quiz was about. Oh well, I have plenty of time to make up for it, so let's not worry about it :P

In the afternoon it was fine, I went with Mom to the supermarket, and then to the pet store and all the places she had to go.

Then yesterday was a normal day, except for this little thing that happened in Marh. There was a fire drill!! So we had to go out running, and it was very fun :D Sometimes they'll do things like this.

In the evening we all went to Barnes and Nobles, the book store with a Starbucks in it. I like that place very much, you can pick the magazines, read them while you have your coffee and then leave them if you don't like them :D (I know that's not very polite, but everybody does it!! :P). I've seen some books I want that I'll buy when I finish Brisingr (which I'm reading at a very slow pace because the beginning is not very interesting).

Lately I've been working harder in my pronuntiation. Sometimes I notice that people make weird faces when I talk, and sometimes they don;t really understand me. I talked to Mom and she told me that she understands me well because she's used to listening to people with very different accents. After a while we noticed that my problem are the vowels (wow :O). The "e" and the "i" are not like in spanish at all. You have to say them with your mouth in the shape of a smile. (like é in French). I was soooo upset!! Nobody had told me that before! So here I am practising. My mouth actually hurts :O

That's everything for now! :D I think I'll call you tonigh, Mom and Dad, because you seem to want to talk (I read the comments). then I'll send emails tomorrow or on Monday! Please, send me the pictures of Linares, ok?? And Esmeralda, I want some pictures too! :P Lucia, it is better if you send me emails because that way I won't forget to answer you!! but you can do whatever you want, actually. I hope you tell me a bit more about how you're feeling! you said you felt confused, right? :)

Lots of love!!



Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!!!!

I'm doing an album in the photobucket with the photos of Linares and Cordoba and I think that it's finished in the afternoon.

See you later. Mom

Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!

This is the link to the photos of Linares:

I love you, mom.