Friday, October 24, 2008

Haunted Hayde Ride

I'm back!!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything new during the whole week, but I was rather busy with homework, and I barely touched the computer :P

On Wednesday evening UBie and Mom took us to the Haunted Hayde Ride!! :D It was something that in Spain we would call "casa del terror". I enjoyed it very much!!! They said that the actors liked me a lot because I got scared many times, and actually maybe that's possible because they kept following me all time!!! :D I also had a corn dog... it's awesome! It's like a hot dog, but instead of having a bun of bread, it has like a batter around, and they fry it... Really, really good!! I uploaded some pictures, the ones Rose took with her camera, but most of them are in Mom's and Ubie's camera so we'll have to wait a bit...

On the other hand I have the pictures of me in the supermarket in my jammies!! :D I think that was the funnest part of the night, even funner than the dance :S

Aaaanyway, the Halloween festival was on Wednesday, and I wanted to upload the pictures yesterday, but I couldn't because today in Chemistry class we celebrated the Mole day!!! (Mole being 6.02x10^23... We love you Avogadro's number) and we had to bring some projects, so I worked on a poster, and since we had rehearsal and came back home later than usual, I finished really late so I just felt like reading and drawing for a while.

And today... hahaha it was funny :P Rose didn't go to school (healthy day...long story), and it had to be the only day on which I've overslept!!! So UBie woke me up at 6.50 and had to ruuun to the car. Actually I din't even had time to brush my hair and have breakfast (but this last thing he told me I couldn't do, so he was kind enough to wait until I had a glass of milk and some loaves of bread). Thankfully I'm kind of changing my look (you'll see in the pictures) so I didn't worry a lot about my hair.

School was ok. In Art Mrs. DiJulio took us outside to draw some car engines, and talking about Art, she put the 2 pictures I've made so far on the board!!! The board is right next to the front door, and not everybody's pictures are there, so I was veeeery proud. I couldn't help taking pictures ;D

Chemistry was fun! Everybody brought in food (a mole of cookies, a mole of soda...), so it was fun. I got a 100 in our last test, and the teacher even said he was thinking about giving me extra work, because what it takes the rest a hour to do, I do in half an hour... On one side I want him to do it, but on the other hand I don't really want a lot of extra work, so who knows...

After school I nearly missed the bus, because they changed the number (from 8 to 61). Sometimes they change the number and they drive me crazy, because I don't know it and keep looking for bus number 8 until I ask one of the teachers that are outside.... But I didn't miss it in the end! ;D

Then this afternoon Mom took us both to the farmers market to buy our Halloween Pumpkins!!! :D It's a lovely place. Actually, even in the area we live, every time I look up there are big trees, so if I didn't know I'm the coast, I'd think I in Dakota or some other state in the mountains :P It's a beautiful place. We chose our pumpkins, took many pictures and I even got to pet a puppy!!! hehehe :D

After that we went to the post office (I didn't send the package, but I bought stamps ;D), and to Toys'R'us, because Mom wanted to buy a Jenga for Jim (UBie's brother). Jenga is a Japanese game in which you have to build a tower, it's fun! There I got to play Guitar Hero for XBox 360 and it was sooooooooooooo awesome!! it wasn;t only a guitar, but also drums!! So yes, I liked it very much :P (I didn't like the price, though xD)

Soooo I had fun today!! Tomorrow I will email everybody. By the way, Mom, you have to show me how to decorate the Photobucket album, because mine is always white and boring... I really don't know how to change it!! :S And I love all the pictures, really. :D It's very nice that you are doing that. I love the pictures of Madrid, and the ones in which you are at Grandma's house :D

Dad, this week I tried to log into the Online Bank and I couldn't... Which card number do I have to use?? I used the regular one, instead of the golden one... :S Or if you have any way to see it for yourself, can you tell me if I've done okay this month??

Lots of love everybody, and be good :P


PS. By the way, I uploaded pictures in the Halloween album, the Homecoming album and the Art album ;)


Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very happy that you'v had a week so fun, I like that very much.

Really the pumpins are very big, je,je, je.

I say you haw I make the album in the gmail beaucause I can't writte very much english.

I love you very much, a lost of kisses, mom.

Antonio said...

Hi Elena,

Congratulation for the test.

It is a luck that you resemble your mother.

A million moles the kiss