Sunday, October 12, 2008


Here I am again!

This week's been good so far, except for my little problem in Public Speaking. However, now everything's solved! I have my new book and I'm waiting for Mrs. Davis to tell me how much it is. I still have detention on friday, though! :O (yes, I'm such a bad girl! :P) but looking at the bright side, I'll be able to do my homework for the weekend, and that's good because on Saturday is the Homecoming dance, and rose and I are going ;) (I promise lots of pictures)

Today was a special day, because it was the day on which the PSAT test has been taken. It is some kind of pre-college test (have to find out more about it). Neither Rose nor I took it, but many kids of the High School did, so from 7.20 to 10 we just sat in he cafeteria and waited. I brought my Brisingr book with me, so it wasn't that bad (almost read 150!). Then we had only 30 minutes of our 2 first blocks and around 1 hour of our third block instead of 95 minutes. The fourth block, however, was a regular block. (Which was Public Speaking, and we had a nice time today!)

I think today we're going to the 39ers (thirtyniners). It's something like the chinese shops in Spain, for you to understand. That's one of the only ones of the kind I've seen, besides The Dollar Tree.

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do this year, and the clubs that I've joined don't seem to meet regularly (maybe only the anime club once each 2 weeks, and I'm not sure yet if I want to be there!! :S), so I've heard about this Teen Readers club and maybe I'm going join it. My English teacher is the cosponsor, and I really like her, so yes, I want to try it! Reading can't hurt anyone, can it?? ;D

Tomorrow we have our 2nd rehearsal. Looks like we extras only have to go on Thursdays, and that's great, because I wouldn't be able to sit and watch the whole play over and over every day!

Sooo I'm going now! I promise to write again this weekend, because it seems it's going to be full of interesting things ;)

I love you very much! :D



Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!!!!

I have just read your new post.

I like that you join to the club of Teen Readers, "reading can't hurt anyone" you say, je,je,je....

I like very much to go with you to the 39ers, but.... Really I'm so far away......

I writte you an e-mail.

A lots of kisses, I love

Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!!!

How are you?
I'm working again, uffff!!!!

Do you like the photos that I'm do for you? You've not say anything to me.

I writte you in the gmail.

I love you very much. I lots of kisses, mom.