Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Hi again!

Yesterday I had one of the most american experiences ever... I carved a pumpkin!!!

As you know we bought the pumpkins last week in the farmers market, and finally we got to carve them yesterday. rose made a funny face and I designed a cat with some stars and a moon. I think we did a great job for it being the first time! :D

I have looooots of pictures, so you better see them!

School was good yesterday as well. Mrs. DiJulio (my Art teacher) took us outside so that we could draw some cars. It was veeery cold, but I managed to finish my drawing. We are going to do something cool with them, you'll see! ;)

Today I had an interesting experience as well. Mrs. Davis (my public speaking teacher) brought in a guest speaker. He is a marketing teacher and it was really fun! We did different activities and it was really cool. First we had to do a puzzle in groups of four (my group was the last one... wron strategy! :S). Second we had to throw some paper balls and hit some paper plates he had put on the walls. Finally, in groups of four again, we had to hold hands and keep a balloon in the air touching it only with our hands, arms and heads.

The point of these activities were: 1)Know the big picture (we all agreed that we would've been able to do the puzzle better if we had known what we were doing before). 2)Keep focused (The more focused you are, the biggest chance to "hit the target"). 3)Know your role and learn teamwork (We had to work together to keep the balloon in the air).

It wa sreally interesting to do all these things and relate them to speeches and public speaking. I am sooo glad I'm taking this course, really!! I'm goin to give my first speech on Friday. It is an interview speech, that means that we have to introduce to the class someone we've inteviewed (we all have interviewed someone from the class, and of course we know each other, but well... we have to introduce them anyway!). Every night I'm practising in front of Mom, UBie and Rose, because I can't read the speech, which means that I have to know fairly well what I'm going to say. Mrs. Davis will only allow us to take a 3x5 index card with us. I am reaally nervous about it!! If it were in Spanish I wouldn;t mind speaking for 2 minute sin front of the class, but being in English I'm not so confident... Oh well, as UBie said, I'm taking P.S. because it's challenging!

I also had rehearsal today. Starting this week we have to stay after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This week, however, I'm going by myself, because Rose has orchestra rehearsal (she's there right now) and tomorrow will be the concert. So thanks that Rose wasn't there (and I know it might sound mean!) I've been able to know a whole bunch of new people! If I'm with Rose I know I'll be shy and I won't speak to anyone else unless they talk to me. Aaanyway, it was fun today :D

I was so happy I talked to everybody this weekend!! And I'm glad everyone's doing good! :)

That's everything for now... don't forget to chek out the new pictures!!! (in the Halloween album)

I love you



Antonio said...

Dear daughter,

That beautiful pumpkins!!!.
The cat is very beautiful and Rose's pumpkin reminds me to my boss when he laughs.

In Public Speaking... without problem. Attack him that are few and cowards. Go, Elena, go.

Another thing. Your drawings are excellent. Lucky than you resemble your mother.

Million Mol the kisses


Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!!!!!!

I like very much your pumpkin!! She's very beautiful.

Moi, je pense que je vais t'ecrire un peu en français. Je suis allée a class et je pense que la professeure de cette année elle va être trés, trés, dure.

Je crois que je dois allert tous les jours a class, parce que si non, je ne vais pas passer au 5éme, tu sais.

Bon ma petite, je t'ecrie dans le gmail et je t'explique mieux, tu crois?

A bientôt, ma fille, je t'aime beaucoup, mom.

Ana Isabel said...

Bonjour ma cherie!!!!!

j'ecris une autre fois pour te dire que Lucía, Miguel et Uli sont venus ce soir chez nous et j'ai fait des photos.

Demain, je les mettrai dans "photobucket" et tu pourras les voir.

Je t'aime bien ma cherie, au revoir, mamá.

Esme said...

Ey darling!!

How long that I don't write yot here(actually in any place sorry>.<)but I have been with some test and it xD

Of all forms, tomorrow I'm sending you a mail better,I have several things to tell you xD

Wa! You look so pretty in the photos of homecoming *-*,
The pictures, the pumpkins... is awesome!!
I really envy you too much T.T

We have already started the rehersal for the play!
I think it's going to be really funny...I tell you better tomorrow xD

Well,I leave you now^^
Tomorrow I write to you without (falta?)ok??
Lots of kisses!
Lovee you

pilarin!!!! said...

Hola nena!!! lo siento no te podido contestar antes porque no me funcaba esta pagina!
Aqui las cosas estan como siempre, me cortado el pelo aora lo tengo por los hombros jaja una locura que me dio.
El fin de semana pasado fuimos al cine a ver una peli (nunca me acuerdo como se llama jaja es de jakichan o como narices se escriba jaja) no es ta mal la peli. Cuando termino la peli nos vinimos para yuncler y nos fuimos a cenar y luego vino Jeny y Fran nos estuvimos aciendo fotos ( las pongo en el tuenti) y en fin nada mas.
Luego e tenido dos examenes (ya podre la nota porque no me lan dado pero vamos que yo creo que bien)los examenes eran de ciencias del mundo contemporaneo y de mates asi q...
Este finde a sido mas largo porque el viernes no hemos tenido clase asiq nos fuimos a casa de celia a cenar y a ver una peli (yo me giñe ablando claro) y tambien nos "disfrazamos" porque como no me habia llevado a mi casa los gorros de cuando nos quedamos en tu casa pues los tenia Esme y nos lo subimos para que yo me los yevara y claro pues no se estar sin acer el tonto y claro me los puse y en fin no lo pasamos bien.

Aqui ya no ay ninguna cosa mas que contar asiq...

Nada te dejo con muchos besitos!!!!! y ya sabes cuando tenga las notas te las mando pa que veas que a mi tambien este año se me dan las cosas bien jaja

PD: siempre me olvido de algo ajaj. Este año se acen actividades fisicas (como cuando te fuistes en 1º a jugar al fubol) pero este año ay mas juegos y claro lo an exo obligatorio y me oiro este viernes al pueblo que ay al lado del de mi padre (mora) a jugar al futbol y tu q crees q aremos ?? pues calro ganar jaja

Bueno nena pues lo dicho muchos besos ya ablaremos