Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Progress Reports

How's everybody doing?? I have some exciting news!!

Yesterday we were given our progress reports. It seems that they give them to us every 4 or 5 weeks. It's not the final report of the semester, or even the quarter, but it gives you an idea of how you're doing. I'm actually proud of myself! I thought I wasn't doing well at all in English, but i can't ask for more! Being an exchange student, taking Honors English and getting a B is quite impressive, don't you think?? :D (I uploaded the picture in Photobucket, too)

I also had my first National Art Honor Society meeting (no regular Art Club this year, it seems...). They have a lot of interesting projects, although they are not 100% sure at this point. As I get to do things, I'll tell you! maybe (only maybe) there will be a trip to Washington D.C. to go to the National Art Museum. It depends on if we manage to get the money.

Now let's tell things in order... This weekend was very fun! I finally got to meet Anushka, she's so funny! :D I liked her very much, and seems an interesting person, I really hope I can get to know more about her.

Saturday was pretty normal, but on Sunday... we finally went to the movies!! (oh yeah!! :P. Chris wanted to go too, so he took us and watched 'Burn after Reading'. Let me tell you this, if you have the chance to see it, don't. We all thought it was a comedy...wrong idea, not funny at all. The story is confusing, that if we can tell it has a story! :O So the 3 of us were a bit dissapointed... I can't believe Brad Pitt let me down :(

There was something that really shocked me. The tickets are $10!! :O That's madness! Gul says in Turkey it's more or less the same, but in Spain it's like 4E. Crazy, crazy! Before I came I thought things would be a lot cheapier here, but it's not that way at all! there are some things that are more expensive than in Spain (Food, for example). I'm still not into the clothes thing, but I'll find out soon :D

Today it was fine, just a regular day of school... It was a B day. i don;t know why, but I seem to like A days better.
How are you doing in Linares, Mom and Dad? I don't know what you mean by 'enough' :S Anyway, try to look at the bright side and enjoy yourselves, it you vacation after all! (well, maybe not for you Dad :P)
How was it in Portugal, Esme? I hope you send me a looong email with a lot of pictures! :D
Well, everybody, I'm leaving for now! ;)
Love y'all!!
p.s: I added a new link. It's a website with a lot of pictures of a lot of countries, I find it very interesting. check it out ;)


Ana Isabel said...

Thank you very much for your notes, my darling. I am very proud of you.

I writte you in g-mail because I have a lot of things to tell you.

I love you very much. I lot of kiss...mom.

Ana Isabel said...

Certainly, I have seen the photos. The cake has very good looks uhmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!! and I like the sweatshirts much.

XXXXXX, see you latter, mom.

Anonymous said...

hi girl!!!
how are you
I have to apologize for not reading your blog more frecuently! you know I´d like to, but now I´m really busy with my studies, you know that I´m studiying philosophy too, dont you?
Anyway I very proud of you because of your marks! it´s very impresive but I couldnt espect less from you. you are brilliant!!!

well, things here are very messy and weird... I´m a little confused now and I dont know exactly what I should do. I feel that I should be in a million places at the same time... I dont know.
I´m happy to know you are OK there!
sometimes can be hard to be so far from home

I lost my movile again... Im a genious!

well I think thats all from that part of the ocean!
Anyway I think maybe it would be better to talk thought email because that way you can answer me easily, wont it?
well I hope to ear from you soon anyway!!

I miss you

P.D. Did you remember that last time I wrote you as DAMNEDFIREFLY? well... today I couldnt remember my password (nothing unusual XD!) so I have had to open a new count here... now Im TuPrimaLucia HAHAHAHA!!!! obvious isnt it!!!!!
I think that way i would be asily to recognice me too (for your parents and so)
so maybe it wasnt so bad to forget something this time XD!!!


Anonymous said...

mmm...I just realize that I write you huge comments...
I´ll try to write you something shorter in the future!!!

Anyway I think there all lots of more thigs that I´d like to tell you

Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!!!!

How are you?

We are again in home. We have passed it well.

Will you telephone this nigth? I'll tell you some things.

Lots of kisses, mom.

Antonio said...

Hello, my daughter

Hip, hip... HURRAH.
Hip, hip... HURRAH.
Hip, hip... HURRAH.
Your you are wonderful!!!
Excellent notes, Excellent.
Congratulation. You are number one

Tu orgulloso padre

Ana Isabel said...

Hi my darling!

I writte to tell you that I'v doing an album in the photobucket and I think it will do in the night.

See you later. Mom.